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Dexa Body Fat Testing


Hey - just wondering if anyone on here has had there bodyfat tested using the Dexa method? I am starting a new program in a week so I am collecting my starting data this week - body fat, measurements, blood work ect.




Yes, a couple years back for an anthropometrics class.

It was pretty cool. 2 minutes to get a pretty accurate view of my fat ass in black and white, body part by body part!

It gave different (more accurate) results then both 7 spot calipers and bioimpedence.



Thanks - I think it is fairly new here in the states. I am just trying to get the most accurate information I can. Long way to go to get where I want to be.



If you have access to it, go for it.

Nothing is more accurate. You'll have a breakdown of where the fat is, how much you have, etc. Just remember that it will give you a lot higher number than you think, because it includes "essential" fat (visceral, organ fat, etc).

But, it's a fabulous wake-up call.

Also, you'll see how dense your bones are and if you have to worry about being all osteo-porotic. Don't make us break you.



Thanks - Good to know about the bone density as well. I had a bone density test done a few years back and things were good then, but it is always good to keep the information up-to-date.

I am afraid that I have a good idea that I need to drop bodyfat and where I tend to carry it - this will just confirm my thoughts.