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Devin the Dude, Which Album?

So for you guys that have followed him for a while, which of his albums is the best? Which would you recommend for me to pick up? I’m hearing songs here and there but would like some input.

Just Tryin’ ta Live

[quote]BigSeen wrote:
Just Tryin’ ta Live[/quote]

This, or “Waiting to Inhale”

Haven’t heard a full album by Devin either, but if my memory serves me correctly “Just Tryin’ ta Live” is the album most critics and bloggers seem to point to as being his best. And his recent stuff had weaker production even if he was still good [again, based on the rough consensus critics/blogs I read have said].

I’ve been meaning to listen to some of his own stuff too.

Dude, they’re all really solid.

His self-titled probably has his best song, though, “See What I Can Pull.”

Waiting to Inhale also has the notable “Almighty Dollar.”

Easy answer: You can’t go wrong with any of them.

Alright cool, I think I’ll just preview some songs from a couple albums. Don’t think I can go wrong, it’s super chill music.