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Devil Found in Detail of Giotto Fresco in Italy



Here's the zoomed one.
I don't see anything resembling what they described. The most I can make out is maybe a cheek/orbital/lip area, but I wouldn't proclaim seeing the devil over this. Seems like they're really reaching on this one, or I'm just looking at the wrong spot, or maybe I'm just really, really dense.


It's at the very middle of the pic, in the cloud (a head in profile).


I can kind of see it but its not clear enough to me to say that he specifically tried to paint the devil in there.


I see it.


lol, I am not good at this art stuff


i suck at art too, was someone able to see it?


I see what you guys are talking about....but claiming that is "the devil" is utter nonsense. It looks like nothing but coincidence like seeing a face in the paint on your walls.

Why would the devil be in the clouds smiling like the villain in comic books?

What you guys are even pointing out seems a little too "cartoonish" to be a representation of a person. People see what they want.


This is a pic I posted before of a wet shoe print I saw last year on the bus and had to take a photo as to me it looks like a smiling Bea Arthur. Some said they see Cesar Romero's Joker from the old Batman TV show.


I see it. Middle right of the cloud, facing the body


I also took a pic of it with the flash, maybe it looks clearer or not.


Hmm, I didn't see it until I read Roybot's tip. Then it looked like the devil's face has this strained look on it - like he's taking a shit but constipated. Wonder what that could indicate?

Meh, I think it's probably coincidence/suggestion, like when people "see" shapes in the clouds. You know, like when someone says a cloud looks like an elephant, and you "realize" they are right? It doesn't mean the elephant shape is there objectively, that's just the power of suggestion.

My suspicion is the whole thing is just a publicity stunt to generate some interest in the restored fresco.


I think it looks more like Jim Carrey as the Grinch.


I think it looks like Phyllis Diller.


I see it. But then again, I see Jesus on my toasted cheese sandwiches all the time.


...I still don't see it. Someone circle for me plz


Yeah, I see that too, with the big smile.

Hey , I'm just happy everyone I show it to sees a face!


Here's another one that I just came across



Fresco face looks like Glenn Close.