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'Devil' by M. Night Shymalan


Not going to post any spoilers, but in my mind this film redeemed M. Night. It was pretty good...definitely worth a watch. It sounds like he has a few more stories to tell, including a possible sequel to Unbreakable.


Judging from the trailers, it looked like a crap movie.

What made it worth seeing?


It has the Devil in it.


How do you know?


I was reading some reviews of it yesterday and a bunch of assholes spoiled it for me, so I don't know if I'll want to see it until it's out on rental.


He shall never be forgiven for the last airbender.


Agreed. If this is actually good, I may get it in dvd/blu ray...but that dude fucked up his greatest chance at really being "revolutionary" as far as his story telling and directing. He chose the easy way out with some half assed attempt.


For me he can be redeemed.
Probably only because I never actually WATCHED The Last Airbender.

Still not sure I'll go for this one though.


I liked it. See it as a matinee and bring a date. It will scare the shit out of her. Or him.....not that there's anything wrong with that....coughs Polo coughs


I guess I'm one of the few who enjoyed the Last Airbender. I didn't put much stock in as an epic movie. It was just fun to watch. I'm looking forward to seeing Devil, though. Looks good. And Wol, I finally saw The Expendables.


Something tells me we can guess it from the title.

But I'm still wondering, why would the Devil get stuck in an elevator with 5 other people ?


I avoided Air Bender, but his previous films were bad enough.

Unbreakable is one of my favorite films, however. Powerful film.


I never saw Airbender either, but I pretty much swore off seeing any more of his movies after Lady in the Water. However, my girl wanted to see this movie so reluctantly I went with her, and I have to admit it wasn't that bad. It wasn't that great either, but much better than all the others since 6th Sense.



You sound like someone who never saw the tv show. That movie sucked compared to what he had to work with.


x2 on both points.

I hadn't seen TLA, the trailers even put me off of it.


Let's remember that he only WROTE THE STORY for Devil. The only reason you people think this movie was OK is because someone ELSE wrote the SCREENPLAY and someone ELSE DIRECTED it. IN fact this is what M Night should do from now on, just write some fucking stories. He can't write screenplays for shit or direct.


I agree 100%...because I find it hard to believe the guy who came up with that Airbender crap suddenly made a good flick.

This explains it. He let someone else do it.

He should have done the same for the Village and Lady in the Water.


Are you saying that "The 6th Sense" and "Unbreakable" were flukes?


Damn, I hardly ever visit anymore and when I do I get cheap shots? Makes me wonder how many go unnoticed ... You're low Wol. Low.


Haha! LowBarret