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Development of a Training Program


First time poster.

I plan in 9 or so months competing in surf races, here’s a Youtube video for an example

I’ve just begun in the gym so am completing a general prep phase at the moment, it involves a push day, pull day, leg day. All multi-joint compound movements at around 3x10 with 1-2 minutes rest.

Just wondering how i could begin to taper my training to be more sport specific. Also looking for workouts to address strength-endurance eg; farmers walks, etc. Where i’ve really had no experience. Can anyone suggest workouts to address this sort of area?


Howdy. Not much of a surfer but I was pretty heavy into skimming & body surfing for quite a while. Still do both occasionally.

The gym is great, and will certainly compliment a lot of what you do. I suggest, however, that you not go the “sport-specific” route; i.e. don’t attempt to mimic what you do on the board to what you do in the gym. The #1 thing that got me better at skimming & body surfing, was more skimming & body surfing.

That being said, a base program where you can pull away assistance as needed will work well. 531 would be a great choice for this. The base program with body weight assistance is what I’d do were I in your shoes. You’ll keep getting stronger with the base program, and gain a better control over your body with the body weight work. No need to get too fancy either. Keep to the staples like push-ups, leg raises, chin-ups, lunges, etc.

Good luck in the competition!

EDIT: Also make sure you’re doing jumps Agile 8


This great for general prep: Matt Rhodes 5/3/1 Hybrid

For ‘strength endurance’ complexes are great, can be used as a finisher or stand-alone workout…


Yoga and keep the shoulders healthy.


Thanks guys, at the moment my program looks like this - looking for any feedback for a more sport over bodybuilding program

Pull day

  • Deadlift
  • Bench Pull
  • Lat Pull
  • 1 arm row
  • Shrug
  • Lateral Raise
  • Face pull

Push day

  • Bench
  • Shoulder press (push press if needed)
  • Incline DB bench
  • Dips
  • Cable decline fly
  • Tricep pushdown

Legs and core

  • Squats
  • Hip thrusters
  • Walking DB lunge
  • Calf raises
  • Roll outs
  • Weighted lateral flexion
  • Russian twists

Do most of these at 3x10 with 1-2 minutes rest, normally smashing out a session in an hour with 5 minutes warm up either side of lifting. Slightly concenered completing too many exercises? any feedback?