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Developing Thick Pecs

Kwik question T-folks. I want to increase the thickness of my pecs. From the front view my pecs are nicely rounded and full near the arm pits, but really tapers off to the point of zero thickness in the upper-inner corners. I just can’t seem to get them to thicken up in this area. Everybody’s pecs are generally thinner in this area of course, but are there any exercises that will help thicken this area up or will my standard chest routine (bench / incline / decline / flyes) get the job done? Quite possibly the only exercise I need to add is patience?

either your doing too much pressing or you need to increases the range of motion slightly. Use Dumbells or a cambered bar for your benching to get the bottom portion a bit tougher.

If your upper chest is lagging, why are you doing inclines second in your routine? It makes more sense to hit the problem area first, when you’re fresh. If you’re worried about dropping weight on your bench, just rotate which one you do first.
As far as exercise go - close grip incline and low cable flies (bringing the arms up to face level) will hit the area. Another great exercise is the incline fly/press (which i may or may not have invented, i don’t know, but I’ve never seen anyone else doing them). Grab some dumbells and a medium incline bench. Start the movement with a fly, when you get to the top, keep the dumbells together and bring them down to your chest, press them up like you were doing close grip inlcines w/ dbs. That’s one rep. Keep the reps around 8 and try to control the weight to really keep the tension on the upper chest.

Do inclined bench pressing (30 degree incline)
and you will develop huge, meaty pecs.


proiority-train your upper pecs with some 30 degree inclines. i started doing this about a month ago (mostly dumbell inclines) and i can now incline nearly as much as i flat bench (i wasn’t even close to that weight when i started). a developed upper chest will set you apart from all the ‘sheep’ in the gym that do set after set of flat bench presses.

Do 10degree inclines to the neck.
Most of the time inclines hit the
front delts too much because of too
high of an angle.


I also have the same problem. So, can someone give me the answer. What is the difference between using barbell and dumbell for chest? e.g. incline bench press Vs. incline dumbell
Also, i have been doing mostly barbell chest stuff with sequence as follows: flat then incline then decline. It’s very typical. I guess i will switch to dumbell sometimes and work the incline then flat then decline. My other question is: how do i determine the weight to use in each hand when i use dumbell? I really don’t like to try and guess because if it’s too heavy, this will guarantee me improper form and i waste 1 chest workout per week.

Thank’s guys

30 degree incline bench, heavy. First in your chest routine. Nothing cooler than having that “channel” that runs up to the base of your throat up through the middle of the chest. Its first in my routine.

I’ve found that weighted dips do alot for the inner portion of the chest.

I had the exact same problem and managed to fix it. The problem was my form. Now, when doing either bench or incline bench I use the following style: Bring the bar down to the bottom of my neckvery upper pecs. Keep arms straight out (so that they form a 180 degree line). Look at pics of Lee Haney performing this movement and you’ll see that this is exactly what he does. In fact you’d probably find most guys with great upper pec development use this style, sometimes the way they’re built just makes doing this seem natural to them, so they don’t give it as a tip. Really, try it, you won’t be sorry (expect weight to drop if you haven’t been doing it this way, don’t fret, its because underdeveloped muscles now have to take the load).

I’ve achieved the best results with the following:
4 sets of heavy (4-6 rep)incline bench. 3 sets of flat dumbell press (6-10 reps). 3 sets of incline flyes (8-12 reps, 411 tempo). Fills your chest out very nicely indeed. I only train chest once a week when using this routine.

Thanks a bunch guys. It appears that from the advice that I have been doing the right routine just at the wrong angle (approx 40-45deg). This may explain why my front delts are larger and more separated from my chest now, Duh! I almost always do the incline first (sometime switched with the flat)in my routine followed by the decline and flat bench. Once my pecs are all nice and pumped up I stretch the living shit out of them with flyes. I use dumbells for these most of the time, but substitute the barbell and cable flyes occassionally. I like the dumbells because I can work a much greater range that way as was suggested earlier in this thread. I will try the 30deg angle as well as the inclined flyes as see what happens. Thanks again for your valuable input.