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Developing Food Intolerances

I’ve recently been told that having too much of the same food, such as eggs every day or porridge each day for breakfast (just an example), leads to people developing an intolerance to that food, so it no longer has the benefits it used to if only for a limited period of time. Does anyone else know about this, ie whether or not that’s correct and/or where i can find out more info on the subject? Thank you

Yes. So far I have become allergic to:

fish oil
protein powder
chicken breasts

i have been wondering about this too. after massive whey, egg, and nut consumption over the course of over a decade, i started developing bad acne on my forehead all of a sudden for the first time in my life. and i’m in my 30’s?!?

i have cut these things out, and the acne has largely subsided. tough to do though, as these were some of my favorites. i think bad skin is a sign of food intolerances, though it is difficult to get the close-minded medical community to give you the right kind of tests (igg) to assess these kind of things.

I became allergic to water.

I ate a lot of ham sandwhiches as a kid. I dont really like them anymore.


I can’t drink milk anymore…