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Developing Explosive Power for MMA


Very nice link, as usual

I’m getting rather tired of saying this;)
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looks like a good read, i have it booked marked for another time.

I get Block A. It’s pretty much just explosive lifts etc. And it’s better to do Block A after a strength phase is complete.
I also think of it as doing strength work one day and a DE day another day to keep up with speed/explosiveness.

Block A questions: I wonder if it’s just better to work on strength + the explosive drills instead of just explosive lifts etc.

Block B questions: So we work for 10-12 seconds for 6-10 sets on a exercise (for example explosive jump exercises and then we hit our pads also for 10-12 seconds for 6-10 sets to improve alactic power?

Block C questions: pretty much all we do here is our fight training (be it say we work on just punchnig and kick) - and we do it for 12-20 seconds (like a punch out drill, or just left hooks) for 4-8 sets. And that’s all we do?
We cut out all the lifting etc? And we just work on exclusively punches of kicks for that time frame/sets?

Let me be honest. I don’t get 1/2 that shit.

imo it’s just a really complex way to say “work your technique”

haha good enough for me! lol
But actually it seems real basic…and something I think most fighters already work on…
So in MY summarization this is how it goes down:

Block A:
After a strength phase, do Block A to bring up explosiveness (explosive type exercises) and you can combine it with complex training in the middle of block.

And year round somethnig with a strength and de work can be done, when you want to be a little more explosive add some more explosive work in perhaps if thats what your lagging.

Block B - reactive strength stuff to work on. I don’t think the exericses listed are the best though…

Block C - longer drills that are intervals with pad work. Like a punch out drill for 15 sec. on a bag for sets, hard and fast thai kciks on the pad.

The end.