Developing Eating Habits

What’s a good general template to set up for a solid diet? I want to keep things simple so I can follow and develop a habit. Example; Breakfast 3 eggs,toast, fruit. Lunch- Cold cut/tuna, fruit, whole wheat bread. Dinner- Grilled chicken or beef, vegetable, rice Dessert- protein pudding or chocolate milk. Any suggestions and or ways to improve.

Step 1: Figure out how many calories you need for your goals. Gain or lose weight. You can do this the simple way and start with 13-14 calories per pound or Google “Harris Benedict Calculator”. This is just a baseline number so don’t agonize over it.

Step 2: Figure out what macros you need to fit your goals. That’s protein/fat/carbs.

Step 3: Adjust for allergies or dietary dogma (vegan, paleo, no dairy etc…)

Step 4: Eat that way for a whole month.

Step 5: Adjust calories/macros based on your results.

Step 6: Repeat forever.