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Developing an App to Help with Large Batch Meal Prepping


I meal prep a lot to save money/have better control over my diet and I was looking for a convenient way to add more variety to my weekly meals. I often get stuck prepping the same 3 or 4 recipes but don’t really want to do the extra work of planning for new recipes.

The premise of the app would be simple:

  1. Select from a wide variety of recipes
  2. Have the recipes you choose scale up to your weekly needs (based on TDEE and macros)
  3. Autogenerate a grocery list on your phone
  4. Finally, take you through the most streamlined steps to prep all the meals at the same time.

I was kind of looking for some feedback- what are the biggest problems you face while prepping your meals?

If you don’t already prep already but want to get started, what’s stopping you?


I don’t have any problems

I learned a long time ago that I was in control of my life, so I took the steps.

My mom stopped feeding me over 35 years ago.

Change your mentality or find another mom.


There are many apps out there already that fit the bill

You are a new poster on more than one website with same exact post.