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Developing a Supplement Regime


Obviously, as a working man, I don't want to be wasting my capital on supplements that I do not need (don't do shit) and are not going to merit my money by providing legitimate gains. I am on protein (taken three times daily) and glutamine (10g daily). What else will provide lasting gains in muscle mass and performance? Any brand recommendations? Something that will add extra spark in the bedroom lol ? Any insight would be helpful.

Info: I am five six, Hispanic, 152 lbs, about 10 percent body fat and have been training for about two years.


steroids :stuck_out_tongue: i joke lol.. may not be the most experienced member but i reckon you would be fine with a whey protein supplement, creatine supplement (monohydrate or a blend), and a caffiene based pre-workout supplement like jack 3d (never used that though) or you could go with a cup off coffee pre workout to help with workouts especially after long days of work...in my opinion being relatively new to weight lifting (which i am lol) i wouldnt myself recommend bothering about bcaa's and glutamine because if your eating eggs dairy red meat and poultry you would get enough of these..no point getting a bunch of supplements cause at the end of the day you wont know which ones gave you the gains and which ones didnt ....then again thats just my opinion..hopefully some of the more experienced members could answer you soon


I dig it.

Here's my personal list for supplements I would buy day in, day out for the rest of my training life.

Sorted in order of importance. If I'm on a tight budget or not interested in spending a lot on a monthly basis, I would not go past the first 2.

  1. Protein
  2. Fish Oil
  3. Creatine (if bulking and tolerate it well)
  4. ZMA
  5. Workout nutrition


I'd say all you need is a multi, some fish oils, protein and BCAA's..


Don't just go buy and use everything at once. Add in one supplement at a time to find out what works for you and what doesn't.


^^ Please refrain from giving advice even if you preface it with how you don't know much. You include a caffeine based pre-workout even though it really corresponds to none of the OP's goals. You then follow it up by saying BCAA's are negligible even though most on this site would put them at the top of the list.

To the OP, your focus should be on whole foods. Outside of protein, I would say creatine, BCAA's, fish oil, and a multi vitamin/mineral support (dependent on how your diet looks) would all be wise choices if you're looking for size and performance improvements. As far as a libido boost, you can look at simple products such as Tribulus, Maca or Horny Goat Weed or a product that combines several ingredients such as Alpha Male that is sold on this site. Best of luck in your goals.

Edit: My "Please refrain..." was directed at DanielDJ


Thanks for the responses, guys.

I have never considered a caffeine pre-workout supplement but to be honest I have never looked into pre-workout supplements. I assume the greatest benefit would be improved performance, endurance, etc.?

I had been on fish oil for a while, as I was taking it for my skin and I did not see any major benefit in it. I do need a good muti though, I keep hearing a lot about greens supplements but I am guess that is for general health and no lifting.

Are BCAA supplements necessary?


If you are getting plenty of protien and aren't worried about doing things like fasted cardio, don't worry about the BCAAs. You will get plenty in a decent protien supplement.


Thanks JaseHxC.

I keep a decent diet; low carb and look suger for the most part, with high protein intake and more fruits/greens than a Northwestern forest. I might have to look into this Alpha Male, I'm fairly wonderful in the bed but I like that superhuman feeling (when you're in complete control and she passes out when the two of us are done lol) I get sometimes and would love to be able to get that more often


i recommended normal coffee/caffeine supplement because at the end of the day it gives you the boost required to have a better workout especially if he is caffeine sensitive and coffee is cheap .... and if you read he states what would help in 'muscle mass' and 'performance' so caffeine is actually a valid recommendation...... i never put down the good effect of bcaa's i clearly stated that just adding so many supplement in at once wouldnt give you a clear indication of which supplements are working for you and he already is supplementing on glutamine ... and besides that if he is following your advice of eating whole food he would get a substantial amount of bcaas from whey and other quality proteins just like DoubleDuce stated