Developing a Physique I Can Be Proud Of

10 sets is just not enough. i have good work capacity. Sure i will adapt faster, but 14 sets create more muscle damage and adaptation than 10 sets no?

I agree with the fatigue thing tho. I was supposed to rest yesterday and didnt so today I actually felt a little gassed at the gym so im gonna take tmw off and recover a bit.

back and rear delts
lat pulldown- 165x8,150x8,8,8 4 sets
chest supp row- 70x8, 55x8,8,8 4 sets
cable row- 135x8 3 sets
pull ups- 5 reps bw 3 sets
reverse pec deck- 45x8 6 sets
hanging leg raises- 4x10

like I said above I felt rather gassed this workout during and after so I’ll take the day off tmw like I should have yesterday.

@EyeDentist do you recommend leaning forward and stretching the lats or staying relatively straight on cable rows?

Both have their merits. If you feel them better while staying upright, do so, but make sure you stretch them really well via a different exercise.

Critically, make sure you have a really solid MMC with your lats–which is not an easy thing for most neophytes to do. Try this maneuver as described by John Meadows:

dude i tried it now it wont stop cramping lol


Good! Now make sure to replicate that feeling on every rep of every work-set of Lat work.

shoulders tris
machine shoulder press- 5 sets 90x8
machine side lateral- 4 sets 90x10
ez bar upright row- 4 sets 50x10
db lateral raise- 4 sets 15x8
tricep pushdown- 4 sets 75x8
rope overhead ext- 4 sets 75x8
db overhead ext- 2 sets 40x8
hanging leg raise- 4x10
crunch- 2x10

Couple thoughts. Stopped locking out on the shoulder press and I felt it work my shoulders 2x as hard.

Made some changes for next shoulder workout. I’ll do db lateral raises after shoulder press and leave the machine side lateral as the last exercise.

Also going to do rope overhead ext after pushdowns so I can warm up the elbow better then finish with the db overhead exts. Dropped a bit of weight here and there because I wasn’t fully contracting the triceps and it felt 2x as good.

Last thing. @eyedentist on upright rows I felt like something in the back of my shoulder was mounting and rubbing against something else. No pain. Is this a concern and should I do cable upright rows instead?

I’ve been troubled by a few of your comments on other threads–especially the one about rape. Because of this, I’m not going to follow your log anymore. Best of luck reaching your goals.


legs biceps
machine pec deck- 3 sets 90x8
ez bar curl- 4 sets 50x10
db hammer curl- 4 sets 25x8
machine preacher curl- 4 set 45x10 rest pause last set
Single leg press- 4 sets 80x8
Pull through- 4 sets 120x8
leg ext- 4 sets 60x8

Today’s my day off so I’ve been reading and shit. Going to do abs later tho.

I looked at the Natural limit potential calculat by casey butt and I got this:

Height: 73 in Wrist: 7 in
Ankle: 9.5 in

Your estimated maximum muscular bodyweight at ~10% bodyfat is: 215.7 lbs

Your estimated maximum bulked bodyweight at ~10% bodyfat is: 224.3 lbs

Your estimated maximum muscular measurements (@ ~8%-10% bodyfat) are:

Chest: 49 in Biceps: 17.4 in
Forearms: 14 in Neck: 17 in
Thighs: 26.4 in Calves: 17.7 in

I don’t know how accurate that is but it excites me. I’m currently 196 pounds at around 20% bf give or take so I know I have a LOT of gains to make.