Developing a Conditioning/Training Program

I am curentley in a shitty pickle…1) I cant do any upperbody lifting for 6 months due to a upcomming shoulder surgery (for 2 months arm in a sling)
2) I cant run for very long or at all got runners knee with some arthritus in left knee

With that said I can do legs, abs, lower back

So heres what I think may be good but you guys chime in and let me know if this is over doing it
Day 1 Heavy legs 5/3/1 style squats+45min cardio bike
Day 2 Rest walk 1hr
Day 3 Abs & low back Sprint cycles with elipitcal
Day 4 Rest Walk 1hr
Day 5 Dynamic legs, box jumps, squat jumps shit like that+ 45min cardio bike
Day 6 Rest Walk 1hr
Day 5 Abs & low back Sprint cycles with elipitcal

Well, I think you are being rather ambitious.

Depending on the type of shoulder surgery, squatting is going to be pretty painful and difficult post surgery and/or with your arm in a sling. Safety squat bar or some sort of leg press is your friend here.

Jumping with a clipped wing is not advisable IMO. Your balance will be quite different and you will be less capable of catching/protecting yourself on a miss. Plus you could be jarring the shit out of the injured area.

I got on the elliptical as soon as I could following my AC surgery. Slow and easy and just let the bum arm passively ride back and forth. Slowly added intensity to that as the arm felt like it could take a little more.

I had my AC repaired just about a year ago. I rehabbed it fast enough and well enough to play rugby 4 months post surgery. My strength is still not back to where it was, but it’s not terrible. I have also played a lot of rugby since then and shifted my focus more toward conditioning.

Injury sucks. But for me, after the drugs wear off, I look at it as a new challenge. An opportunity even.

Good luck to you.