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Developed Muscle Strain

Hi all,

I’m at week six of a 10 week cycle (Sus 250). I have been progressing well, gained 6kg and all my lifts have gone up.

I have developed a slight strain in the glute/lumbar extensor area. I’am not sure how to proceed, do I take a short break, so I don’t waste the Sus?


you got to take a break now before it gets worse. that is the worst thing that can happen on cycle. hopefully you caught it early enough that you should only be wasting a week or so of your cycle. continue to do what you can and light weight but NOTHING that will sacrifice recovery. you dont want a simple strain to turn into a short end to your cycle

As Sus takes 3 weeks to leave the body, would it be worth taking a week off the cycle?

I think I could be fine after a week taking it easy.

I would take a week off training not the cycle

Thanks for the responses, I’m just going to take it easy for a week and hope its is nothing serious.