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Detroit Wants a Statue of Robocop


This would be both awesome and hilarious at that same time if it succeeds.


It really wouldn't be awesome at all.

Putting up a ridiculous statue of a half-baked 80's action hero should probably be the least of Detroit's worried at this point in time.


It would be amazing.

The LULZ factor would be threw the roof.


That'll go great with the Marshall Mathers Public library and the Kid Rock State Park


Tim Allen should also get a statue



I'll vote.




I think RoboCop is a history prof at Syracuse.


Tim Allen is a Kalamazoo thing. Stop trying to act like you know.



Toronto is about 4 hours away from Detroit but I've never been. I would definitely visit if a RoboCop statue were erected.


I can't say I'm opposed to the idea - my inner nerd compels me to cheer on the thousands of geeks who'll rally to this noble cause like bespectacled knights of old. And they've already raised $15, 701 of the required 50k.

But isn't a bunch of nerds clubbing together to buy a giant Robocop just like buying one of these, but on a more ambitious scale?


Haha, nah, but really, Tim Allen is a god in Kalamazoo. Besides Tom Hanks day (we have a day dedicated to him where we wear shirts with his face on it. I mean come on, it's fucking Tom Hanks.)

Tim Allen went to WMU and got expelled/arrested for having stupid amounts of cocaine on him, not sure if you knew that at all. I'm not from that side but the eastsiders have more claims with Madonna (blah), Eminem (blahhhh,) and Kid Rock (BLAAHHHHHH.)

Don't visit Detroit, it's not worth it. Lansing is cool or Ann Arbor is cool if you're a normal person, Grand Rapids is cool if you're a conservative dick. Choose whatever fits.


You know Terry Crews played football at Western. Lol. Anyway, Detroit is only worth visiting because it seems like the only place in Michigan that the good bands will play at.

Robocop is the greatest movie of all time, I think a statue is long overdue. I don't think its silly, doesn't Philadelphia have a statue of Rocky Balboa? I'm leaving Michigan in a week, otherwise I would donate.


And it's super fucking awesome.


was the movie even in Detroit?


Haha yep, like that guy too. I think he graduated in the arts to some capacity.

Eh, I think Rocky is far more iconic and noteworthy than Robocop, lol. Maybe just my opinion though.


Not sure if it was filmed in Detroit, but it was set there.


If this statue isn't fully articulated, and come with light-up visor, battle matic action, gun spinning feature and sound samples from the movie then frankly it isn't worth the time or effort.


Rocky 4 was the best installment in the trilogy by a clear mile.


I envy you.