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Detroit, Toledo, Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati


I travel quite a bit for work and will be in these cities between now and late spring. Because eating alone gets old, I am buying if anyone from the nation living in any of these towns wants to meet up for a beer and or dinner.

Any takers? Just one rule - no chain restaurants. I cannot take another Applebee's.

An uh - this is not one of those Craig's List casual encounters things.


Columbus? Pick up some college co-eds for a free dinner, and anything else you can think of.




While it sounds like fun, I don't think my wife would approve. And while I am a big fan of co-eds, I'm a little old to be a blip on their screens. Of course, they do like free beer....



Ooh... come to the good side of the state and we're talking.

Detroit, on the other hand, nah...


I'll be in Holland, K-zoo, South Haven, Grand Rapids, Lansing and other places too. Let me know about where you are and maybe we can grab a beer.


I suggest taking Toledo off that list.



I live in (near) Toledo. What's wrong with Toledo? It's like Detroit, just without the charm!


What do you do? Move to the south we have better women.


Sales. I've known amazing women and women I couldn't stand to be around in every part of the country. But a sweet southern woman's voice can do things to a man.



Really. Seriously? Nobody up for a free beer or dinner? Somebody step up here.


I'm in Cleveland. Shoot me a PM.