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Detroit Strip Club Ordinance


What do you see when you watch this video? I see one group of adults trying to use the law to regulate what other adults do. It's no different from what anti-gun groups try to do. Just because you dont agree with me carrying a gun (or some other type of behavior) doesnt mean I shouldnt do it. If someone is that much against strip clubs, no one is making them go.



People view strip clubs as a immoral place that brings negative things into the community. Most people don't drive by a strip club and say..oh that looks like a nice place.. most people think..eh..so they would rather have them not be there. Even if you would prefer to live up with a roll of singles and the free buffet other people don't like the possible negative consequences whether they are true or just paranoid. regardless..majority rules.


I think its a necessary evil. Think about it,if it weren't for strip clubs these girls would be walking the street,whoring themselves out.


This is retarded.They are clubs of entertainment.The only problem I'd have with clubs like this is if drugs were known to be actively flying around the place inside,which doesn't appear to be the case here.

As the OP said,nobody is forcing people to go near these places.Chances are none of the opponents have ever even seen the inside of one of these places.It will cost the City revenue,lead to quite a large loss of jobs and leave premises abandoned.


Right and Detroit has enough abandoned buildings as is and needs all the money it can get.


think about it


Exactely who is against Strip Clubs?

1.Religous nuts

2.Fat unhappy wives

3.Guys who are afraid to admit they like naked woman because they might as well be gay.

Strip clubs are fine.I can see not putting one next to a church or supermarket but as long as its regulated there probably more beneficial than negative.



Good god man, what kind of strip clubs do you visit?


I am offended by strip clubs where they only take off their tops.

I'd rather just see the moose knuckle, they could be wearing a jacket from the waist up for all I care.


This is what ended up happening:



Consenting adults should be able to do whatever they want.


How did I not hear about this?

No VIP's... well, the best looking girls are going to relocate unless guy's really start tipping the stage.


What is an 18" stage and what problems are the strip clubs causing the neighbors?




I'm thinking strip clubs help pay taxes, don't do anybody harm that doesn't go there, and I would rather have some creepy dude enjoying dancers than scoping out my daughter walking back from school....so yeah.


Speaking of strip clubs...Casino or strip club for my 18th?

Its in less than 3 months :slightly_smiling:


quoted for gospel


unless the dancers in question ARE your daughters.


I thought all the good ones were in Ontario.


They are.

While I agree with the whole consenting adults thing, I honestly wouldn't want one in my neighborhood. They do bring a slew of problems such as drugs and prostitution. I never really saw the appeal though, kind of like going to watch a buffet.