Detroit Lions

They are such a generous organization. Year after year they show up on Thanksgiving to let a much more talented team embarrass them on national television.

Titan’s fans are thankful this Thanksgiving.

At least Detroit has something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. . .

10 points.

Honestly, I just kind of feel bad for them.

Living in Michigan, I see and hear people every year tell me that ‘THIS is the year.’

Well, they were right. THIS is the year they finally go winless.

The ball going through the punt returner’s hand and Detroit losing possession pretty much sums up their season.

How on earth did such an awful team get such a gorgeous stadium? Why does a city with some real winners (Tigers, Red Wings) tolerate such mediocrity?

I can’t figure out why D/FW supports the TX Rangers either but they do.

Lions are 33-31-1 all time on Thanksgiving.
That being said, I wish I didn’t take the 11.5 points today oops