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Detroit Lions Fan Goes Wild




what was that about?


LOL. Should've been titled "19 year old can't hold her liquor."


Saw this just yesterday or the day before.

I love how the entire section applauds when they're finally escorted out of there.


What's so special about this that it deserves a thread?


x2 hahahaha.

at least the people in that section got to watch something other than the god awful lions


She;s fuckin hot though


Man I wish I was that old guy grabbing her tits though. Def wouldve gotten a handful atleast. lol


The black dude she's arguing with looks like Sir Mixalot.


"are you fucking kidding me?!"

No you dumbass bitch. You deserved to be smacked around at least a little bit and if I had been there I would've done it for him. You make me ashamed to be a woman.


Ok. I feel better now.


The dude handled it pretty well. I would have been inclined to slap her.


I still have no clue what this was about, but it made me laugh.


I love watching drunkass bitches crying while they're being handcuffed. Reminds me of college.


I hate shit like this, I have seen it before too many times. A girl gets drunk and gets brave with some guy talking shit, knowing he wont do anything since he will most likely get in trouble. And to think her guidance counselor told her she wouldn't amount to much.


Pshh, she's on youtube. You gotta bring something seriously special to be on youtube.


Hahahaha "Hey Hey Hey Goodbye" roflmao


When I first saw that on Break.com a few days ago I seriously giggled like a fat kid the whole time.

I love it it when bitches think they can get away with anything cuz they got a cunt. Sooner or later they all learn how wrong they are...her man needs to make her explain a few more black eyes to the neighbors.


Everyone's brave when its socially unacceptable to punch you in the face.


Jerry! Jerry! lol

That sucks, she had pretty good seats but too bad she lost them cuz of her crazy ass.


Was anyone else expecting a flash at some point. Isn't this supposed to be a takeoff on girls gone wild. the thread title is false advertising.