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I was told to detrain for 1-2 weeks to allow a percentage of IIA fibers to switch over to IIB fibers, but i just read that it would actually take 6-8 weeks for that to happen, but if I do that I’m afraid I will start to atrophy? Does it really take that long for the fibers to switch over? Also could I do just 1-3 sets a week of bench press, squat, and deadlift during detraining just to keep my nervous system strong but not any more sets than that so no hypertrophy occurs, this way maybe my muscles fibers will still switch over to type IIB fibers?

who told you to detrain?

DJ, I don’t recall myself or anyone else telling or suggesting you to detrain. Rather, I remember saying that with detraining one accumulates a higher percentage of Type IIb fibers.

I further recommending that you do not detrain.

Listen to the Huge One and consider the Westside approach for your goals.

but if your into powerlifting I thought you would want to detrain to get that higher percentage of type IIB?

any other thoughts or opinions?