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Detraining/Deload for 15-20 Days?


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Hey everybody I have a simple question, I have been training hard for 3 years straight without a real break not even a week off. I have plateaued in both muscle hypertrophy and strength and was wondering if taking time off ie detraining (say 15-20 days) would be enough. I'm leaning more towards 19 days. I will still be eating properly and taking my supplements and fishoils
Thank you for your responses


I'd say that's a bit too long. I did recently take a week off and felt good for it.

Look up Bryan Haycock's Strategic Deconditioning method for ideas from people who regularly take 10+ days off


Thank you I'll take a look. I've tried a week off in the past, no bueno


Well, obviously you haven't tried it in the last three years.


As per the OP's profile:

19 years old
Height 6'0"
Weight 170
Bodyfat: 5%

The last thing this dude needs is two or three weeks of minimal lifting.

Read these and apply the info. It'll go a very long way towards bringing you past any "plateau":

What, exactly, did you eat yesterday?

What supplements do you take?


@guerillazen I'm sorry I should have edited it to "i have taken a week off and no good, but not a real break" sorry about that


@dannyrat that was exactly what I was looking for, I used to do a drug users volume split and that drained me so now I'll take some time to "strategic decondition" thank you


Thank you all for your help


That is a stupid idea. A much better idea is to stop eating like a girl.


ok to set the record straight (hopefully) eating for me is not a problem for me my problem is I no longer feel completely motivated to train, i feel stressed more, i no longer get "da pump" that helps with hypertrophy and the fact that i've plateaued in my strength gains as well, i am eating, for those that say "eat more" i have, didn't help... thanks i'm concluding my posts here.


you sound like my friend you "can't" gain weight/strength and yet is 200 lbs eating like 3000-3500 cals a day, and i am gaining weight/strength now eating like 4000-4500 cals a day and i am lucky because my body just allows me to gain weight lulz


//lol i'm actually the opposite i have a pretty efficient nervous system sooo strength AND size comes easy to me, just the fact that I burned out everything and now need a break


didnt someone say u were 170? not much size, dunno about your strength but if you eat more you will gain both strength and size, and be less likely to overwork yourself therefore lose motivation imo...what are the most cals you have eaten daily on a consistent basis, just curious?


ive gone up to 5,000 a day at one point to no avail, ive actually have quite a bit of muscle mass on me. See the thing is ive always been underweight, heck i was born 1 lb 7oz 3 months early. strength has never been a problem for me till recently when i felt very fatigued and what not, i tried upping carbs, taking more fishoils and magnesium with my other usual supplements but it just didnt work, i talked to my doc and he said it's most likely neural fatigue and hormonal issues and muscular fatigue from my already stressful life... did i mention i have a stressful life that stems back to everything ive been through? haha


ohh i started working out at 118lbs and built my way up to 170, ive always been extremely lean, not because of ectmorph mesomorph high metabolism qualities but because i was born so lean so to speak. and i've always been pretty damn strong for my age/weight/height/blah


fuarkkkk, thats quite a bit of cals in a day not to gain at 170, and if u r as strong as u say ur body is gonna need more time to recover in between heavy loads so after u take some time off, try and space the workouts more if ur gonna train heavy to failure/near failure. u might already be doin that dunno but food for thought


Do a week of deloading. Then decided to get back to the grind, do another week of deloading, or take a week off. All depends on how you feel after that.

If you are eating enough and you have no drive to work out, a week off might do you some good.

How much weight are you putting up on your lifts?


nope i'm actually going to an old bodybuilding split when i return, it's kinda what coach thib uses now or has used, where i specialize on certain muscle groups train them 3 times a week low(er) volume put the others on the backburner ie maintain.. it's what i used to gain most of my size/strength i used heavy loads to wake up the cns then use isolation exercises and whatnot to fatigue the muscle and coax it into growth, but then i got dumb and did the once per week high ass volume 10x10 and the rest is history haha, oh and ive also done olympic lifting and powerlifting, i find i actually progress best training a muscle or movement 3-5 times per week ie i squatted just about every day and pressed just about everyday as well as pull... soo i have big legs quads and hams, a nice back and very strong and developed shoulders but no chest or biceps haha ohh and to note my strenght levels I used to do weighted pullups i got to an easy 130lbs attached to my body pullup for 1 rep (holding at the top) in 4 months... i stopped doing weighted pullups for 2 years and tried the other day at it and warmed up with an easy 80lbs


well before i tore my acl 3 years ago and hurt my shoulders benching like a goofball i had a 415 for 2 deadlift (oly style) a 385 for 1 parallel close stance squat ( i cant squat wide.. i have since gone back to full oly squats and front squats which actually help my deadlift, ive always) a 345lb bench for 2 (i hate to bench, and actually what helped most was push press and power jerks as well as true bottoms up benches...but bub is how i hurt my shoulders) a 215 push press and 230 power jerk. BUT after i tore my acl and hurt my shoulders i had to start all over


Funny that you completely bypassed this.