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Is the idea of “detox” a fad or does it have a place in bodybuilding? If so, when should I detox: before/after cutting or before/after bulking? Thanks!

are you on addicted to drugs?

Are you talking about liver detox? kidney? menopasual? Be more specific.

Or are you talking about those over the counter body detox kits you see in the vitamin shelf at supermarkets?

Lee Haney offers a Detox system that I was asking about. The site is under construction so I’m not sure what the system targets. Thanks!

No, I’m not on Addicted to Drugs.

mmm lots of the uninformed talk about detox? is it where u drink nuthin but fruit juices or stuff like that for 3 days? haha i always tell them , if you would only eat less crap there would be no need to detox…

you should detox before you start a cycle and then after the cycle when you are on no supplements and detraining.it will allow you to clean your system of the toxins. detoxing should be done for the liver and kidneys. laters pk

I looked at Detox products before.

Basically, all of them usually consist of the following:

  • lemon juice/apple cider vinegar mixed
    (Drink this before every meal)
  • Salmon oils
  • Lots of fiber

You can detox without having to just drink juice and fast.

to be dead honest… Detoxing with over the counter, everyday products is not enough… You may find me silly, but the only detox worth it’s salt is hydro-colonic therapy. I know it seems odd to have 3-5 gallons of water blown into your 4th eye… but it is the only way to really clean out the body… and you will shocked of what comes out of you… some are even moving… makes you think twice before eating or drinking anything… VHrengnfdsrhfdsogvnre

but look into that…

this is hilarious, what the hell do you mean “some of it is moving”, what the hell is up there?

i want 3-5 gallons of water blown into my ass too…

btw, who blows it?

this is ugly but true, we as humans do have parasites living in us. I bought this parasite clense called clarkia to use it before i do my liver flush. laters pk