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Detox/Fat Loss Juicing Recipes

I recently bought a nice blender and would like to know if anyone has any recommendation for a fat loss promoting juice which doesn’t contain too much sugar. I have been running quite a heavy AAS cycle and about to drop back to TRT so these next 3 months my main priority is my health. I really don’t care about the taste, things like turmeric, ginger, cucumber, lemon and lime seem to be used a lot but if anyone has experience with this I would appreciate if you could provide a recepie

If you want some fat loss then use your nice blender to whip up some protein shakes with some whey, eggs, liver or other animal parts you enjoy. Doing so with vegetables/fruits is a waste and does more harm them good. Plus the stuff is incredibly nutrient deficient.

As for detox thats one of those wacky vegan soundbytes that mean nothing. Your body naturally does the detox, especially when you’re asleep. There’s lots of natural occuring poisons (defense mechanism) in plants so you won’t really get “detox” from them, quite the opposite. So filling up your belly with nutrient dense animal foods helps your body out better with the detox and fat loss.