Detox and Juice Cleanses?

How effective are detox/juice cleanses?

Very effective.

But, you have to buy the right juicer for your needs. And, don’t go batshit - like juice only for a month. Think of juice as medicine - take a glass a day.

Not only can they detox you, but they can change your acidity level significantly.

Hi Myth, thank you. Are there any juice brands you recommend? I cant stand cleaning my juicer after so I prefer buying them premade. Also, does premade have the same nutrition benefits versus making it from fresh ingredients?

I’ve done a few and if you can make it passed the third day you’ll start to feel great. I make one big batch of juice per day so I only have to clean my juicer once. I haven’t researched it but my guess would be any premade juices are going to be loaded with sugar and chemicals which would defeat the purpose. I recommend you Google the phases of a juice fast/cleanse so you understand why you feel like ass and how long that will last.

I don’t buy the premade because of this

I bought a centrifugal juicer which works great but because of the heat you have to drink it within twenty minutes which means the constant cleaning issue. So I bought a masticating juicer which makes juice that will keep for 48 hours. I have only used the masticating juicer once and was disappointed with the yield, but I think I had the wrong apples. I bought new apples today and will try the masticating juicer again and let you know.

Fresher is better. Juicing is about the enzymes and they degrade with time and heat, which is why the centrifugal juice doesn’t keep.

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juice you mean steroid ?