Detour Bars

Hey guys. A friend from work asked me about Detour Bars, and whether or not I would recommend them. I don’t eat protein bars often (i drink shakes), and have only eaten Grow! bars when necessary. However, I figured you guys may have some good info on these bars. Any info would be appreciated! Thanks!

You would probably enjoy a protein shake and a Coke more, and would get better nutrition.

Well, they taste better than any other bars…and I think they have GOOD nutrition. One bar contains 30g protein, 10g fat, and 25 g carbs.

Type “detour” into the search engine. These things have a long history of being way off on label claims. Independant lab tests have shown them to have less protein than listed, and more sugar and carbs than listed. They taste good because they have about the same macros as a Snickers bar.