Detour bars

I’ve been told by some of gym rat buddies up here that this new bar doesn’t have 32 grams of protein, in fact it supposedly has 25-27 grams, is this true?

This has been discussed in detail recently. A search will bring it up.

Not sure of the exact numbers, but if you search for “detour bars” here at the forum, I’m sure you’ll find the lab stats on detour bars.

I know I sound like a broken record (what else is new), but the real concern here, I believe is the garbage that they put in these bars other than protein. Why does it matter if there is 32 grams of protein, or 27 or 2 when the bar is full of ingredients that will do absolutely nothing good for your physique? Would you eat a snickers bar and wash it down with a scoop of whey and call that a meal?

Nicely put CGB… SRS