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Detour Bars

Have you guys tried the Detour bars from Next yet? What do you think of them?

Do a search. There have been many discussions on this. Summary: the labels lie and this has been proven with tests. You might as well eat a candy bar.

And I think T-mag mentioned this in Reader Mail this week too.

well there’s nothing like adding a handful of extra protein to a Snickers bar, that’s for sure!

Paul: I have seen that label write up also but I have also seen a few others that show the labels to be very close to what they say is in it…check out the label testing at 1fast400 they have the most recent one ive seen. I think they made the first batch irresistible and the label suffered in the process to get people hooked, but they newer batchs don’t quite taste like the first ones, still good, just not as good.

And I say again, why buy from a company that obviously lied and screwed a bunch of people’s diets up? I don’t care if they decided to be honest NOW, they scammed the consumer real good. Why go back and bend over for them again? That company has displayed its character and it’s not good.

Fuck Detour bars and Next, I’ll use Grow! bars because they taste good too, are higher quality and they’re honest on their labels.

Garbage, said it from the start.

I liked these bars until I saw the true Nutrition Facts in Reader Mail this week. I’ll stick with whey and homemade protein recipes, I guess.

They sell them at my gym for $3. You can get just as much protein from $3 worth of snikers bars. People need to really learn to read those ingredients on the wrappers. Are these wrappers all Bullshit ???.. they did mention they do have partially hydrogenated oils in them, and sugars. What else does a dieting person need to know to come to the concusion they’re shit. (but they do taste good.)

I had one last night (due to a friend’s recommendation on the taste) and I thought it was pretty damn good…almost too good to be true. I love the Grow bars, but even as good as they are, it’s apparent that they are not a candy bar. Aside from being more chewey than a candy bar, the Detour bar was pretty close in taste (too close, actually).
I didn’t examine the label very closely, but I did notice that it listed sugar as an ingredient. I also did the math and the macronutrient breakdown was consistant with the calorie claim on the label.
Am I the only one that wonders how they can claim that their protein is the “#1 Best Tasting” on the market? I’ve had the chocolate and vanilla praline flavors and I think they’re both bitter as hell.

Why are people still eating candy bars masquerading as healthy food? Anyone that thinks chocolate, sugar, hydrogenated oils, caramel, nougat etc. is healthy, is a moron. Do you really need a lab analysis to tell you you’re eating garbage?

tried them, liked them but realized that they are too good to be true. yeah it may have alot of protein but whow much sugar is really in their. a tonne i’m thinking. one other point, they are way over priced, get this…$5 a bar at my gym.