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Detour Bars Exposed

I’ve been reading about how good these Detour bars are, which are made by Designer Protein. I see so many posts on them that I assumed Designer was spamming the boards with fake posts, but apparently the bars do taste good. Now we know why: they don’t meet label claims. Not even a little!

Detour Bar claims:

protein- 32g

fat- 9g

carbs- 21g

sugar- 6g

Lab results:

protein- 19.5g

fat- 13.2g

carbs- 34.2g

sugar- 19.4g

The report is from Shuster labs. It is lab report # 02-6397- project #74680…The Detour bar tested was from lot#121103- Date Dec 17, 2002…

This info is all over the net, but I hadn’t seen it on T-mag yet so I thought I’d pass it along.

Ouch. Those are some SERIOUS discrepancies. Where did you find this information?

Can’t remember which forum I copied it from. I’ve seen it on several boards and pasted it into Word a few days ago. Might have been Men’s Health.

I wouldn’t be suprised…

Can anyone comment on any legal issues that exist in situations such as this?

I got one of these bars with an order I placed with SND Canada. They tossed it in for free, but I wouldn’t go near. I also won’t go near those damn Vector bars they hand out at my gym. Good way to keep people coming to the gym with shit like this.

Here is another lab analysis done that was done by a supplement store owner that carries many brands. In other words, it is not likely biased or at least as biased as the other tests that have been done by supplement manufacturers. I have also heard that the newer lots of bars have less carmel or peanuts or something which could explain a better lab result. Designer is too well known to ignore poor lab results. The only reason I posted this is because I’m considering trying some of these bars since I’ve heard they taste so good.

Total Fat


Sugar 14

Dry Weight




The company I work for had the Detour bars tested several times, by different manufacturers. Each time the discrepancies were not significant (carbs & fat were +/- less than 2 grams off label claim; protein grams was bang on.)

One of these favorable reports was also posted on the web for public record, although the exact URL escapes me at this time. I’ll try to locate it.

Perhaps the report you read was “strategically biased”? I know from speaking to colleagues who work for a certain infamous Canadian supplement company that they have been circulating false lab assays discrediting the Detour bar in an attempt to bolster their own bar sales. But companies that end in “TECH” never lie, do they? :slight_smile:

Ah, I see. So they made them into candy bars at first, lied about it on the label, got everyone hooked and the word spread, then they cleaned up their act after raking in the dough and getting the hype out. I get it. This should go into that ‘Dirty Tricks’ article.
Why do people choose to spend their money with companies that bend them over and fuck them every chance they get?

Paul T,

I’m not sure you can call flat out lying a dirty trick. A trick generally implies some kind of cleverness…I think.

I’ve recently said GOOD-BYE to bars.

Just way too much shit in them and you can’t rely on what the label claims are.

The market for bars is and has been flawed as far as the nutrient labels for some time now. You really never know just what you’re getting (collagen, etc.)

Protein powder still reigns!!!

I’d be curious to see if Biotest had any information about this.

But they probably couldn’t say it, lest they get slapped with a libel lawsuit.

bodyiq, im with you on the powder. but how do we know that the claims on the powder labels are accurate?

The retailer 1fast400 did a lab test and found that the tested Detour bar came very close to meeting label claims–they have all the protein, but a few extra carbs, for a total of 306 calories. NextProteins is a huge company and is not going to screw you at the expense of future business.

Personally, I trust 1fast400 and not some anonymous blurb someone copied from an unknown forum.

Well, Myo, call me crazy but I trust an independant lab over a retailer who’s covering their ass for selling these Snickers bars as health food.

Truthfully, I believe both reports. I think Detour made a candy bar at first to drum up word of mouth, then cleaned up their acts later. Buying these bars now would be like a woman accepting another date with a man who date raped her.

Well, with regards to Myo’s reference to 1fast400’s tests, let me point out that Mike at 1fast400 did have an independent lab do the tests; it’s not like he did it himself to prop up a product he sells. Mike’s tested LOTS of products by paying out his own money to independent labs, and has fearlessly revealed the results (with actual report scans) on products that have failed or passed. With the exception of 21g sugar, the bars otherwise met claims.

I was afraid Designer was pulling this crap. Listen up. If anyone recalls when Designer launched their first protein Bar about two years ago, you’ll remember how damn tasty they were. However, after about six months they mysteriously changed the taste for no apparent reason. They also put a small sticker on each bar which said, “more candy-like taste!” This was obviously a weak attempt to distract people. Shortly after that episode, they changed the taste AGAIN! The third formula was worse than the second! Anyways, I was afraid it was happening again when I tasted my first Detour Bar.It looks like history is repeating itself.

I’ve always felt that these so-called protein bars were nothing more than outrageously priced candy bars with protein powder. Chocolate, nougat, caramel, palm oil etc etc I mean, who new for crap sakes? These types of products are for lazy people.

I remember the Designer bar episode a few years ago. They were great, and then they sucked later. Same thing with the MetRX Protein Plus bars-they got worse and worse and worse. Now I am a little pissed because I just ordered a case of the Detour bars. I did notice a week ago, when I bought one, a little less caramel and peanuts. I thought it was my head, as I was dieting. Now I know I ain’t crazy.

Oh shit. Just read this. Do we know if they did the same thing to U-turn bars? They have sexy ads, but who wants bars from a company that screws you, you know?