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Detour Bars = Curls in the Power Rack


A free box of Metbolic Drive bars for $50 and then that same free box and free shipping for $100 is ludicrousity... and I took advantage of it!... but I can't help but wonder, if Biotest is once again dropping out of the protein bar business and giving away the spoils?



I was going to start my own thread but since you did...

How much longer until this deal goes away?? I was looking to get some more Flameout but its out of stock :frowning:

Any chance this deal will stick around till its back?


It is a kick ass deal, and I have certainly taken advantage of it. I'll be making another order as soon as Flameout comes back in stock, so I'll have enough protein bars to hold me over for a long time.


The free Metabolic Drive Protein Bar special will end around 5 pm Mountain Time today.

Get your orders in quickly if you want to take advantage of this giveaway!


I'm a sneaky little Irish bastard. I wanted to order a whole heap of stuff. So I split it up into two orders just over 100 each. Got free shipping and free Metabolic drive bars with each shipment.