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Determining Overtraining

Hey everoyne, I’m currently training MMA 3x per week, and am doing joe defranoc’s WSFSB. I think the best way to determine if you’re overtarining is when your lifting the weights if it feels heavier than normal or if you can’t reach the level of weights your comfortable with. Anyone else find a better method. I think that way works the best to determine if you’re overtraning…Aside from that I have another question. I’m going on my 3rd week of WSFSB (and i like it a lot)…just a question…after this 3rd week…should I de-load using one of jim wendler’s ways or jsut donig 3x3 with 80%…OR should i just switch my ME movement and move on to the 4th week with my new ME movement and just do that for another few weeks?..then on the 8th week de-load?..whatcha guys think?

Deload every 4th week, or take every 6th week completely off.

Thanks man. Just what I needed! :).