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Determining Basic Caloric Intake

So I am needing a bit of advice on setting up my daily requirements. Ive been training for over 2 years but have not paid nearly as much attention to dietary requirements as I should. I eat pretty clean though and always ensure my protein requirements are met daily. Heres where I currently stand:

Height: 6’2
Weight: 205lbs
BF%: 9%

My goal currently is to add as much lean mass as possible. I am more ectomorphic than anything and a have a fairly fast metabolism, however I can gain fat around my waist if I try to go all out on a mass gain diet.

If anyone can give me some recommendations on daily caloric intake levels for gaining mass as well as carbs and protein I would really appreciate it. With many of the people I spoke with, such as super large, bloated, “bodybuilders” at my gym they all just give me outrageous protein and calorie suggestions. Sure I’ll gain muscle on that diet, but that overall look just looks ridiculous to me. Ive done an eating plan like that a year ago and gained quite a bit of muscle but a load of bloat and fat, got up to 240lbs. Anyone can create that look, just eat tons of shit and lift heavy. This time around I would really like to have some good calorie, protein and carb requirments that would allow to gain LEAN mass this time. any advice?

Have you ever tried reading the hundreds of nutrition articles on this site?

that hadn’t occurred to me…lol. No of course I have. However like everything training and nutrition related, variations and inconsistencies are in basically every article based upon individual height, weight, goals, etc.

What I am basically looking for is an article or forum thread that someone could refer me to that would fit the criteria I had listed. The search function was my first stop. Any other articles that would break this sort of info down for me would be much appreciated.

man i just typed “determinating caloric intake” on the search bar and got at least 3 articles talking about it.

Do the same, you will also understand why and won’t blindly follow instructions from others.

and I quote “I want to gain as much LBM as possible”… but you basically don’t want to eat a lot of protein and calories?

Then shut up and stay the way you are.

this stuff ain’t rocket science. Take the # of calories you’re eating now and up it by 300 or so and see what happens. Readjust as need be

uhh… where did I say I didnt want to eat alot of calories and protein? You cant pull a quote and then make up a completely false statement. I did say that I dont want to eat the way I did in the past gaining up to 240lbs at 14% BF with a bloated look.

There are plenty of great articles on here regarding mass gaining, carb cycling , etc… I am trying to approach this differently than I have in the past. Given my current weight and BF it should be clear that I understand the basics of protein, carb and carbohydrate intake. Im just looking to be pointed in the right direction with an eating plan that works well for gaining mass while keeping bodyfat low. Gaining a ton of mass and raising body fat significantly is not the only way to gain muscle if thats what your trying to tell me. There is a great article on here by Matt Mcgory about beginners carb cycling that gives some protein, carb and calorie advice but there is also several additional articles regarding carb cycling with different approaches. My only question is if there is a specific article in this area that one would recommend to me. Not worth debate, although I am quite aware that basic questions on forums tend to spark argument if they’ve ever been answered previously and one didnt find it searching…

never mind. this thread currently going on answers my questions: