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Determination. Very Cool Video


I've always had lot of respect for the control, agility, and balance these guys possess (the manipulation of the board, foot posistion...).

This is cool video of Daewon Song. Make sure to watch the whole thing. Trial and error. Fall off. Get right back on. Kind of cool.



Some of those looked like it'd leave a mark.


During the first minute of so of that, "determination" was not a word that came to mind.

It got better later.


that's some high-level and evolved shit.


Brilliant Nate.
You must have had your thinking cap on. Oh sorry, that's an EliteFTS Beanie.


...and you can better believe I'm keeping the damn thing!



Thanks for the vid

Daewon Song was my favorite skater in college. Cool to see the pros eat crap that much and just keep going.


Coach Davies comes to mind...