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Detention for Hugging



For fuck's sake. Is this for real? What is WRONG with people?


damn, beat me to it!


Didn't you know? Hugging another person when you're in Jr. High, even of the same gender, can give you AIDS!

Oh, and cancer.


Yeah, I saw this on the news yesterday (I think it was yesterday) and I thought it was ridiculous...

Sure, let's give our kids birth control in school at age 11, let's allow them to have abortions without notifying their parents, but whatever you do, don't let them hug!


WTF is the world coming to these days!!!?

Even worse is the superintendent who thought the penalty is fair because it was in line with their policy. FUCKING bearaucrats and suits! Why can't they think in terms of human values instead of just policies on a piece of paper?

What kind of policy is this!? ""Displays of affection should not occur on the school campus at any time. It is in poor taste, reflects poor judgment, and brings discredit to the school and to the persons involved.""

That is just dehumanising and has more to to with public image than anything else.

No wonder school shootings happen, if school is a place where you can't even show anybody any love.


Sure, they can draw the line at public groping and french kissing on school grounds, but simply hugging friends by no means justifies punishment.


Have I mentioned how much I hate people?


Oh, and there's no way in hell I could have passed High School if this policy were in place in my district. Instead of being an NHS inductee, I'd be permanently in detention/suspension.

You know, for all the crap that Kansas schools get, at least I can say that nothing like that has happened here.


There's plenty of reason for hate when you see the kind of stupidity and shit they're capable of, WE are capable of.

Like what happened in this thread topic, for example.

But then again, there are reasons to like humanity as well.


Mamma sai.....mamma said little girls are the devil!


Where's Mascoutah? In Afganistan? Iran?


G-d Bless America. Please?


I'm with you on that, I feel like punching a hole in the radio in the office everytime the "news" comes on telling me what underwear a celebrity is wearing this week.



nobody came to my defense when i was prosecuted for hugging a 13 year old girl in school, I even lost my job as caretaker too!


This is such BS. I could understand it if she was like giving her friends a hug and giving their boobs a little "hey, how ya doing." But detention for a hug? What has the world come to?


Didn't you guys hear? It's a military school!

Oh wait, no it isn't.


Am I the only one who caught the Slipknot reference?


The really sad part is that it wasn't even a bear hug or anything... It was more of an "arm around the shoulder" type greeting than a hug. The girl demonstrated it on TV.


Poor taste? wtf?

Poor judgment? WTF?

Discredit? WHAT THE FUCK?

My kids hug their friends when they get to school and when they leave. What is the problem?

I work in an environment where people hugging is commonplace (End of life care environment) - sometimes it's just the right thing to do.

Where is our society going? It scares me shitless.


It's about damn time we started outlawing love and all this other liberal bullshit.