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Detemining Maxes???


How do you Determine Maxes of exercises you did not test your max for when you already have tested a max for a different exercise within the same muscle group?

For example, I know my Flat Bench Press Max but I don't know my Incline Bench Press Max and I would to train at a certain percentage of my max for all my exercises. It would take far to long to test myself and my clients for maxes on 30 different exercises.

Is there a standard conversion chart of maximum strength on different exercises for the same muscle group?

For example, (hypothetically) your Incline BP is generally 80% of your Flat BP and your decline BP is 110% of you Flat BP. I need info like that.



Take the max and see-that is the only way. Keep it simple.


I just used Google (or you can use any search engine) using the search term '1 rep calculator'. Gives you a ton of sites using a predetermined calculator. They're all the same. They come out fairly accurate.


Why do you need to test max in 30 different exercises? That seems silly.
It may just be me, but when I test max for one exercise, that is the only max I do that day for that type of movement. After that the risk of injury goes way up.


Take each exercise and quess a 10 rep max weight. Try and see how many reps to failure. Record the weight and completed reps for each exercise.

Use the Epley formula for a crude approximation of the 1 rep max.

1RM = (1 + 0.0333 rep) Weight

% of another exercise may or may not apply. If one never does incline bench then the % of flat bench press may be very optimistic.


I would just like to know what their max would be so that I can have them train at a certain percentage% of their max.


I don't even use percentages. They tend to fluctuate significantly from day to day. Instead, I'd recommend that you identify a set/rep pattern (for example, 5x5) and then find a weight that is challenging for that pattern.


Good advice.