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Detection Times


i know epi has a half life of 6-9 hours,
does anyone know the detection times for epistane?


Going mostly on memory, tamoxifen might be detectable for as much as 5 weeks after cessation. Although there is a clear protocol for identifying a metabolite, I'm unaware of anyone ever testing positive for it. Take that fwiw, or isn't worth... Maybe people have been caught and it just hasn't been publicized, but it seems interesting, as there have definitely been positive tests for AIs.

I'm not aware of a test for epistane. Doesn't mean that one doesn't exist, but I don't know if I'd worry too much.


Are you an athlete? Can't you obtain a list of banned substances that are tested for? If you're not an athlete you have very little chance of being tested for steroids. If you have a standard piss test coming up for a job you almost certainly will not be tested for steroids.


The list of WADA's banned substances specifically included superdrol last year, but not epistane, IIRC.

I haven't checked it lately, but regardless, there is a general clause that's invoked frequently by the NCAA that bans the use of "any compounds chemically related" (to the listed banned compounds), hence epistane would clearly be against their rules.

That certainly doesn't mean that they test for it, though.


yea nvmd, im going natural


Again, I doubt there is a test, but if there actually is a specific one for epistane, I'd imagine that the detection time would be far greater than 24 hours. Something in the neighborhood of several weeks would probably be most likely, though it'd depend on the particular properties of the epistane metabolites being detected.

I doubt that epistane would drive your estrogen levels low enough to cause problems. No idea what levels are permissible, but you could probably find some blood tests from people on cycle and get a feel for where you're headed.




I very well could be completely wrong here, BUT...

If there was a steroid like compound that you could stop taking and within 24 hours, be completely undetectable by NCAA drug testing standard, don't you think that it would have been known about by NCAA athletes all over the country by now?


Sure, there's nothing inherently difficult about detection but developing tests involves time and money. There have been a number of new substances (designers and prohormones) popping up in the marketplace over the last three years, so I'm not sure that people are racing to keep up with commercial products, unless the numbers warrant it.

There needs to be some basis for allocating resources. I also don't think that Don Catlin is doing this anymore - he has his business now, iirc - so UCLA's lab might not be operating in quite the same manner as in the past.

Listen, I could well be wrong on this. The decision of any NCAA athlete to use or not use a banned substance that may or may not be detectable isn't going to keep me from sleeping at night. It's their decision to cheat, and they run the risk of getting caught.

The fact is, I've just never seen an abstract or anything suggesting that one for epi has been developed. It would almost certainly be published within a few months of its creation, as was the case with the test for superdrol and others.




I also have a question, every 3 months I have my blood work done prior to the visit with my Endo doc and must have my test level around 500 to keep receiving my script for testE. I'm precribed 1 cc weekly, whereupon I am really doing 500 mg weekly in addition to the same with trenA along with 100 mg daily of A-Bombs. I've got it to a science to get my test level to the range of 500 in time for the blood work, but my questions are these; will the tren show up as testosterone and boost my total and free count numbers?
will the A-bombs also register as testosterone in the blood work.

                  I am aware of the elevated liver enzimes and affect with respect to my lipid profile of 
                  the tren and A-bomb use. Where and how do they affect my overall test count please?


^ Well, I learned in an earlier thread a few months ago that the typical total T testing for HRT patients is very basic (certainly as compared to GC-MS type detection tests for PED use in sports).

So in fact it's quite likely that there will be cross-reactivity to tren and you could therefore demonstrate higher than actual levels of total T.