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Detection Times of Deca/Test C


I have a few questions about detection times of decca .and test C.

 I might have to take a urine test for some legal reasons, My kid told some kid at school that his Dad was taking steriods, he of course figured it as a joke,but now I might have to give a piss test,

I have been reading about detection times of certian steriods, and get different opinions,I did a Test/Decca cycle500mgTestC,300mg Decca for 12weeks 14weeks Test,with PCT,last shot of decca was at the end of august07,test was2 weeks into september07,
Detection times for decca 12to18months?
TestC 1to3months?
I also heard that Steriods Orally:21/28days
Parenterally: 1/3months

   This is the detection times of metabolites in a urine test, True or false?   I wont be taking a urine test until feb or march of 2008, they will be testing for the


    My only worry is how long does Decca stay in your urine? if it is only a couple months,I'm in the clear,otherwise is their any way to cleanse your system?
   I have read about urinary tract infection meds working to pass a test.  any Ideas Let me Know.


For the Test, you should be in the clear by then. But quite honestly, Deca is something that stays around for a considerably longer time. There is a very good possibility that it will show up.


Not so good on the Deca. Can be many months before it clears.

How incredibly annoying that you have to worry about something like this. Why can't people just mind their own fucking business? Not the kid, so much as whomever he told that cares so damned much. How'd this end up getting back to bite you in the ass, if you don't mind my asking?