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Detection Times and Impact?


I'm interested in using steroids and have lurked on this site for the past month or so. Just debating the fact of whether I should use it or not. Probally won't anytime soon since I'm only 18 and if I do use it now I could be taking a big risk if the military finds out. Just a few question for you guys.

How long will it show in the bloodwork that you have taken a steroid?, and if I take the steroids now at 18 what exactly are the negative impacts it will do verses me waiting 3 years until I am 21?


You are correct, you are too young to start using AAS. At your age you have enough test in your system naturally to build a substancial amount of muscle. The damage that could be done at a young age may not be reversable and a lifetime of HRT may be needed. Wait AT LEAST 3 years with solid training and diet etc.

Keep reading and researching so when you take the plunge it is well thought out and correctly executed. As far as detection times it is going to be determined by the actual steroid used. Some have short detection times such as test suspension, while others like deca can be detected over a year after last injection.

I beleive there is a thread that has them all outlined, do a search on detection times.


Statistically speaking, your growth plates may still be active, and AAS will halt the growth plates from growing anymore. Therefore, AAS use is a BAD idea. Just my .02