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Detection Time and my Cycle


Ok folks, first post here. Not trying to be rude, but let me preface this by saying spare me the BS lecture about not having done my research. I am aware that my particular case is nobody's fault but my own. That being said.

There is potential anti doping testing, random people selected etc. I came into some EQ and decided to give it a shot. I was only about 3-4 pins or so into it when it was brought to my attention about the detection time being quite long. I probably pinned less than 3 ml before I halted.

My question is this: does the amount injected have any bearing on detection time. I've read it can be detected anywhere from 5-18 months, but is that under the assumption that someone ran a full cycle using perhaps multiple vials. Or say if you pinned it only one time, does it stay in the system for the max amount or thereabouts? thanks.


Learn about half-life.


I did. Thanks.


If you have to ask 'is the amount relevant to detection time', then you sort of didn't.

EDIT: This is why the detection time varies so much. Even with just one shot, it's probably going to be detectable for months, depending on the test being done. The farther out you get from being tested, the less likely you are to show up positive.


So you know about half life but are allergic to math. I can help. Ballpark 600mg to start (200mg/ml x3ml)...

600-300-150-75-37.5-18.75-9.375-4.688, etc..

Half life is roughly 14 days. For above (7 half lives) that's 14 weeks. So depending on how sensitive the test is would determine how long before it is undetectable.

So yeah, if you get selected anytime soon you are busted.


No, I did, it just happened to be after I posted my question. But thanks for the response though.


Definitely allergic to math! haha. been over a month since i pinned, the soonest a potential test could be is end of feb or early march, possibly even late march. But it could also possibly be done up until august. i'd prefer just not to be selected.