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Destroying Fat + Velocity Diet

After trying to bulk up for a year and a half I’ve gone from 160 lbs to 200 lbs, but it’s time to cut the extra fat so I decided to go on the velocity diet. CT posted his destroying fat article and it looked like a great workout routine so I decided to pair it with the velocity diet - even though CT warned it may be too intense.

The diet is rough and the workouts kick my arse, but I’ve made some tweaks to the diet and workout routines in an increased attempt to preserve lean muscle mass and I just wanted to get some input…

On Mondays (heavy chest/back + sprints) I take a post-workout shake after each workout so I consume an additional 300 calories. During the chest/back workouts I go for a 90% lift my last set. Thursdays heavy leg routine is wide stance back squats with post-isolation work, the 2 min break, then 90% deadlift singles.

For the deadlift singles I use a 20 second rest between each rep for 6 reps. I figured working in the 90% range could help preserve lean muscle mass since the diet and workout together is so intense. Thoughts, comments, insults?

11 lbs in 10 days, just want to make sure I’m doing what I can to preserve lean muscle mass.

[quote]PureNsanity wrote:
Thoughts, comments, insults?

Did you steal that from me? I use that one all the time in my seminars!!!

I did say that mixing Detroying Fat and the Velocity Diet might be excessive. For a VERY short period of time it’s probably doable, as long as your strength stays up you won’t lose much muscle mass (if any at all).

Alright, so I’m just starting week 3 and I’ve made some more tweaks. At the end of week 1 I had lost 10 lbs, but four days later I had only lost 11 lbs. I think it was positive in the fact my body isn’t wasting away lean muscle mass, but after my first week I set a goal of losing 15 lbs by the end of the second week because I know the weight loss is going to taper down quick.

I’ve followed a lot of CT’s HSS-100 routines over the last year and I think my lactic acid threshold was a little high for the circuits (my strength and energy levels died without the lactic acid setting in). Yeah 100 rep sets! During the lactic acid workouts, I wasn’t getting near the burn I was from the 100 rep sets I was used to with the HSS-100 rep sets so I figured why not an entire 100 rep set full body workout? I did leg press, bench, seated row, lat pulls, military press, curls, and pulldowns. Felt the burn and at the start of week 3 I was down 14 lbs.

My energy levels are pretty much sapped and since VERY was capitalized in CTs response, I cut back my heavy lift today to a 9x3 chest/back routine with a 90% lift at the end. I still hit my 90% lift well, so since I’m preserving my strength I’m going to continue with the routine with 100 rep sets for the lactic acid workouts and 9x3 + a 90% lift on heavy days.

Since I guess CT has copyrights to my other phrase… Ideas, feedback, retorts?

If CT thinks Destroying Fat is to extreme for the V-diet, then what does CT think is a good routine to follow whille on the V-diet? Sounds wierd,i know.