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Destroying Fat Program Outdated?


Hi ct im currently doing look like a bodybuilder and love it! My question is do you still recommend destroying fat as an effecient way to drop fat while maintaing as much mass as possible or has one of your newer programs replaced it. Thank you for your input!


Hi I’m not CT but I’ll like to say that Destroying Fat is a decent fatloss program, and so are 6 Weeks to Superhero and Athlete Lean Athlete Strong, I can attest to the last two with the personal experience. Coach Thibs got so many tools for different goals that it’s like going to supermarket to buy something, you choose the one which you feel is most appealing. If you like the Destroying Fat layout than give it a go and let us know your experience.
Btw, the most important factor for fatloss is Diet not Workout. Same training plan can be used to gain muscle mass with the appropriate diet. I hope you already know that.


Thank you for your input I think I will try it I like the freedom it gives with the movement selection im going to use the movements from look like a bodybuilder program for the heavy days and db movements for the lactate inducing days my main concern is keeping my size and strength while dropping the fat. I will give it a try and post my results. Thanks!


I dropped 35 lbs in 16 weeks on that program, back in 2008. I am not CT, but if you’l allow me to, I learned a couple things that really helped.

  1. The template is the most important part. So, pick a 2-day full-body strength program with low/moderate volume, and add to it your fav Lactate, alactate energy drills, and whatever LISS cardio you have available. In fact, I’d recommend rotating the lactate energy drills, because you are going to get sick of them, and they work better when you are inefficient. I got the most benefit from using the Cosgrove Bar complexes on those days, or doing longer distances with a sled/prowler.
  2. Eat carbs on the 2 strength days, lots of them peri-workout. It will give you the energy to keep the workouts, help preserve muscle, and will bolster metabolism.
  3. Get under 100g of carbs (total from all food) on the other 5 days, so that you are glycogen depleted and forcing lipolysis.
  4. Use LISS cardio very sparingly. It is the least important part of this, and will be the thing that runs you into the ground fastest. If you are seeing your progress stall, add more NEPA before adding in more LISS.

Good luck!


Thats great advice thank you very much!