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Destroy the Fat Questions


so i'm following the destroy the fat plan and i had a couple questions. first, it calls for a quads/hams superset as such

quads main
quads secondary
hams main
hams secondary

what are some common beginner exercises that i could use for that.

also regarding the circuit- at my gym it would be very hard to do a circuit using free weights. the easiest soloution would just to do a machine circuit but i know how much machines are looked down upon here. i still use free weights for all the heavy lifting/strength workouts. is there anything wrong with using machines for a circuit workout?





Machines will be inferior to free weight, its not "wrong" to use machines, its just that the results won't be as good.

If you can, try to incorporate free weights as much as you can, especially for the big compound movements. For smaller muscles and de-facto isolation movements, machines should be fine. (e.g. do squats instead of leg press, but whether you to DB curls or use a curl machine doesn't matter so much, if that made any sense)


It makes more sense to use machines for the lactate days than the strength days imo. I used the hypermetabolism program with good success (dropped from 210@32% to 165@16% in 10 months - not just this program though) and make sure to cycle your carbs and calories according to thib's suggestions.

this is what I used for the leg strength days.
quads main: front squat
quads secondary: V-squat/hack squat m/c
hams main: SLDL/conventional deadlift
hamds sec: leg curl.
now and again I use leg presses for the quads secondary, and sometimes I do leg extensions.
I have no ACL inmy right knee (or meniscii) so I am afraid to back squat for the leg strength days. you should use back squat if you can.