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Destrength Has Awful Priority Management (road to 405 pound jerk)



Did some handstand practice at home and stretching/mobility work. Some stuff came up today that made it very unreasonable to go to the gym today.



Kinda shit day
Push press+jerk
70kgx3+1 for 2 sets
85kgx3+1 for 2 sets
94kgx3+1 for 2 sets pressed out most of my jerks, think I was over jerking

Hang power snatch below knee
50kgx3 for 4 sets

Muscle snatch no hand/hip
60kgx3 for 4 sets. Kinda too heavy for proper technique cueing (proper extension/hip movement) so I’ll hold this weight next week

Squats- gym closes early on friday so rip

Extra stretching/rolling because owner ended up staying a little later.

Slept like 14/15 hours and hung out in the hot tub and pool for recovery. My german shepherd tweaked my back/hip a little last night because some bull dog was trying to get into a fight with him and he wanted at it. Hitting my heavy session Sunday.

What I want to change next week:

Get to the gym at 5PM at the latest M-thurs since the gym closes. I have been skimping on general/hypertrophy work and even some squatting because of being crunched for time. 3PM on Fridays. Leave my dog outside my room while I am gone now that he knows my roommates so I don’t have to spend as much time with him at the apartment and walking him after class so I am not late to the gym


week 1 day 5


3 pause (floor, knees, mid thighs) snatch grip deadlift
95kgX3 for 5 sets focused on staying over the bar and keeping it in. Next week I think I’ll finish after the last pause into the power position so I have practice with that too.

box jumps
highest boxX2 for 5 sets

ring pull ups
bwX3 just dead


extra stretching/rolling.

Alright so recorded snatches for the first time in awhile. Still got early arm bend (just less of it). FIrst pull is good except for the early arm bend. I don’t stay over the bar long enough and I am not getting behind it/double knee bending enough. Going to emphasize work on that in technique and exercises. Snatches are smoother and snappier than they were though, if I fix the above my snatches will get much better. Looking at a 110KG snatch at the end of this program when peaked (god willing).

If I don’t snatch 110KG by the end of this cycle with these fixes and being peaked/practiced properly I am just going to quit olympic weightlifting and start injecting tren into my balls or something (joking obviously but still).


Gym was only open early in the morning. Ended up just doing family stuff today. Took the dog hiking with family and all of that stuff.

block pull+ snatches from mid thigh
70kgX2(1+1) for 5 sets. improved on getting into the proper power position and getting full extension

block pull+ cleans from mid thigh
95kgX2(1+1) for 5 sets. same deal

clean deadlift to knee+clean pull
101kgX3+1 for 2 sets
110kgX3+1 for 3 sets

Got to the gym late again today (Just how things worked out with late classes in the day and having to take care of dog)

So I did stuff at my apartment:

push up throws (basically jumping except it’s a push up)
bwX3 for 3 sets

one arm push ups
bwX3 for 3 sets

Making improvements.I am optimistic that I won’t have to quit weightlifting and start injecting tren into my scrotum. :wink:


115kgx2 some pain in left shoulder, called it here despite being easy.

Recorded these: need my split wider and to push under the bar better

Pause squats
145kgx5 for 3 sets stopped here to do lunges and palof presses for side imbalance work because I was fighting not to be crooked

Walking lunges+ palof press
45x3 trip, greenx2 per side
45x2 trips, greenx2 per side
45x2 trips, greenx4 per side

Rolled out my problem side of hip/back and shoulder. Going to include lunges and anti rotarion/anti lateral flexion exercises more


Anyway planning on taking tomorrow off from training. I’ll do an hour+ hot tub session tonight and probably do a hot tub and pool session with stretching/rolling tomorrow. Nothing to worry about, but I want to nip it in the bud.



Shoulder is fine, oblique is lit up. I can’t really tell if it’s DOMs or a tweak. Another hot tub soak will help. Friday I’ll skip out on squats as much as it’ll eat me up (gotta stay healthy).


Been sick and still feel like burning trash. I think I’ll try to do something tonight to stay in the groove of things then start the week off normal on Monday.


Behind neck Press in split
205x1 pretty robust
155x3 for 3 sets

135x6 per side
155x6 per side
175x6 per side
155x2 per side
135x6 per side

One arm chin ups
Bwx3 per side
Bwx2 per side
Bwx1 per side
Bwx1 per side
Bwx20 normal pull ups

Suitcase deads
135x2 per side 4 sets

100 light band pull aparts


awesome, I would just hang there for a couple of seconds and then fall down.


Haha thanks. I reset each rep though for sinilar reasons, I twist/spin after too long on the bar


Snatch block pull+snatch from knee
75kgx2(1+1) for 2 sets

Clean block pull+clean from knee

Clean deadlift to mid thigh+clean pull
111kgx3+1 for 4 sets

Kettlebell hammer curls and overhead trivep extensions 3 sets



Apparently I got sicker. Well then. Been alternating between feeling like I am burning up and nauseas and can’t get any water down, and freezing/shivering. Probably is not a good idea to go to the gym like this, good way to get an injury/wasted training session or a trip to the hospital.


Yeah I reconfirmed that I am a power jerker today. My legs aren’t back but my power jerk was where it was and better than my split
92kgx2+1 for 2 sets

Front squat
130kgx2 for 2 sets
140kgx2 for 2 sets
Feeling robust. Squats are coming back just in time I need my squats not to be complete messes

Highest box jump
Bwx3 for 5 sets I could honestly do the last week reps on this now but I’ll let jumps have some kind of periodization/progression

Legless pegboard
Bwx1 low trips for 4 sets

Front lever practice on rings 3 sets

Lu raises
10kgx10 for 3 sets

Extra stretching and rolling


Lifted on like 3 hours of sleep and hadn’t drank/ate much for a couple days from being busy/stressed/sick. Had a quick power jerk+heaving snatch balance+hang power clean session.
9/15/18 slept in late and ate and drank everything under the sun
Didn’t get as much sleep as wanted but I had an early morning session (so I am guessing it wasn’t as bad as I felt good).

Snatch block pull+snatch from mid thighs
70kgx2(1+1) for 2 sets
75kgx2(1+1) for 2 sets

Clean pull+ clean from mid thigh blocks
95kgx2(1+1) for 2 sets
105kgx2(1+1) for 2 sets

Snatch deadlift to hips+snatch pull+ broad jump
82kgx3+1, 8 feet for 4 sets

Kettlebell swings

Band pull aparts

Felt very good. Going to take a nap after lunch and eat a ton today and try to get some good sleep tonight too.


Up to 91kgx1
Missed 96kg
Up from last week
More of the same issue though it’s improving

Power cleans

Weightlifting style conventional Deadlifts
405x1 for 3 sets


Palof presses

I think I found a problem. That conventional deadlift is not normal, it’s below my clean deadlift which is 100 pounds below where it should be. Including conventional deadlifts once a week until I pull 495 in oly shoes with a flat back regardless of if you ‘should’ conventional for weightlifting.

In any case improvements are being made.


I am unplugging from all social media for a while. I’ll keep a private log to keep track of my numbers, and I may dump entries at some point in the future. Stay tuned for awesome things when I am back, because when I am back

I’ll be back.


See you later man
Good luck :slight_smile:


See you later man.


As an update I do a meet in January. May come back then, but I am liking keeping to myself for awhile. Actually hitting PRs in the stuff I care about again, and my health has been consistently coming back though I feel like trash right now (about to play around with GPP stuff for a week before my meet prep starts so it’ll give me a chance for overuse to go away a little).