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Destrength Has Awful Priority Management (road to 405 pound jerk)


nice, well done.


Thanks man, going for 185X10 next week. I spent enough time hurt and with fuck-around-itis



Snatch deadlift+snatch hang pulls
280X1+3 stopped here, back was starting to complain and I didn’t want to push my luck considering this is the hardest pulls I’ve done in a month or two because of health

one arm dips (non working arm holding myself since I don’t have the stability/strength to balance myself)
bwX4 per side
bwX4 per side
bwX4 per side

one arm db rows supersetted with band pull aparts (mini+light)
60X10 per side, bandsX20
60X10 per side, bandsX20
60X10 per side, bandsX20

Duck walks
30X1 trip front and back for 5 sets


Taking the squats and lower back work out of tomorrow to make 100% sure I am not overreaching with my back. I will just do a super light reintroduction session of olympic lifts into a GPP session (probably muscle snatch+power+snatch complexes at 135 and power+clean+power jerk+split jerk complexes at 185 then just go outside of my house and spend like 30-45 minutes chasing my dog down and playing around with jumping and tack on whatever work I want to do for fun and well roundedness after like calves or grip work).



135X1+1+1 for 3 sets

snatch deadlift with 3 second pause at knee

glute bridges
275X12 for 3 sets

one arm pull ups
bwX1 per side for 5 sets

bent leg front lever pull ups

hamstring curls
light bandX20 per side for 3 sets

strict dragon flags with hips off bench
bwX6 for 3 sets

Steadily getting into shape and moving like I used to. Took the weekend off from training to make sure my back returned to normal.


One and a half squats
315x3 stopped here for safety/pain reasons. Glute pain on right side

I wanted to work up to 10 and work back down, but progress is progress…

BTN press
135x8 sudden strength from nowhere

Overhead tricep extensions

Plate pinch curls
25x3 per side for 5 sets back to back

Stopped here though I wanted to do more. Quads and glutes and forearms were all screaming at me, saving some work for tomorrow I suppose. Better to hold back some today and do more tomorrow than do more today and do nothing tomorrow.


strict presses
185X9 holy fucking RPE 10 this was so fucking stupid I am doing rep volume work for awhile now instead of pushing rep PRs… with that being said +1 over my +2 PR. Even my fucking quads cramped

one leg SLDLs
115X10 per side
115X8 per side
115X6 per side
115X1 per side

bent leg front lever pull ups
bwX5 for 20 sets


Alright so I’ve more or less gone through my off season block (I’ve got a session tonight, and a session Saturday left). Feeling a bit achy, but that’s normal when you do what I did in my last session. Monday I’ll be entering my hypertrophy block.


  • My knee and back still aren’t 100%, they don’t seem to like powers because of all of the force absorption needed for it.
  • I need to relearn how to split jerk and build the split strength necessary.
  • I probably can’t handle high lift frequency in my current state
  • I need shit loads of reps through the positions to rebuild the stability and confidence I had.
  • My body is a twisty turny nightmare at this point so I need to balance things (I probably should be including plenty of unilateral work anyway because of my scoliosis)

So with that being said, I think Monday, Wednesday, Friday will be weightlifting sessions and Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday will be strength sessions.

Monday and Tuesday medium stress sessions, Wednesday and Thursday lower intensity because my shoulders get gummed up later in the week if I don’t pull back (probably nothing overhead Thursday at all), then Friday and Saturday higher intensity and Sunday obviously off.

The General Guidline
Monday -

  • Snatch complex: Snatch pull+2 floating snatch deadlifts+floating snatch 4-5 sets
    Clean complex: Clean pull+2 floating clean deadlifts+floating clean 4-5 sets
    Jerk complex: front squat+2 jerk dips+split jerk 4-5 sets


  • Triset: lunges 8 reps, seated rows 8 reps, sidebends for 4 trisets

Tuesday -

  • Snatch deadlift/pull program I am running
    squats sets of 12, 10, 8, 8
    sotts press up to a max set of 5 then two sets at that weight on snatch presses


  • farmers walks 3 sets
    rope pull 3 sets
    Hip thrusts/GHRs

Wednesday -
lifting: (focus on quality of movement and technique)

  • No feet no hips low hang snatches 4 sets of 3
    no hands no feet low hang cleans 4 sets of 3
    push jerk in split 5 sets of 3


  • sled drags doing 2 trips add weight every round
    3 sets of 8 weighted dips
    back extensions 3 sets of 10

Thursday -
strength: (focus on quality of movement and control)

  • Tempo squats (3 seconds down, 2 second pause, 3 seconds up) 5 sets of 5
    RDLs 5 sets of 8


  • farmers walk 5 sets
    hip thrusts/GHR
    weighted chins

Friday -

  • Snatch Complex: Snatch pull+Snatch+snatch balance+2 overhead squats 4 sets
    Clean and jerk complex: 2 clean deadlift+clean+front squat+jerk 4 sets
    Push press complex: strict press+3 push presses 4 sets (you thought I wasn’t going to include pressing or push presses? that shit keeps my jerk strong and healthy)


  • One arm DB overhead squat
    seated rows (D handle)
    curls for the gurls

Saturday -

  • Snatch deadlift/pull program
    squats: 8 sets of 5 building up in weight until I hit the maximum weight I am comfortable with
    jerk recoveries, up to a max set of 2


  • just get a pump in whatever is achy/I feel hasn’t had enough love

Drags, carries, one arm overhead squats, and lunges for side differences, plenty of pulling to strengthen my back, plenty of overhead work to strengthen my weak overhead without gumming up my shoulders, higher rep squats because my knee still has rebuilding to do, lots of high rep complexes to rebuild confidence/stability (and to fatigue myself so I can’t muscle things), and has a nice semi-break in the middle to keep me fresh for the end of the week. I’ll be running this for five weeks with some modifications as things go along (slightly reduce reps to allow for weight increases)


snatch deadlift+hang pulls

clean grip reverse lunges
135X10 R
135X10 L
135X10 R
135X10 L

one arm dips (stabilized)
bwX5 per side for 3 sets

Chin ups
100 reps in 27 minutes, beat old time by 3 minutes

Was dead by this point, will do back extensions later. Pulled my right hip a little (not in the way I pulled my back but in the way that I’ll probably be limping for a few hours).


awesome :slight_smile:


Thanks man, lats for days. I need to stretch the hell out of my lats and pecs and have a nice epsom salt bath, my shoulders are kinda tight right now.



Mom was in ER (she’s fine, just tripped and fell then a bunch of people tried to keep her from standing up and walking and called an ambulance)

Snatch pull+floating snatch deadlift+floating snatch
165X1+2+1 for 4 sets, wanted 5 but my back was starting to complain and I wanted to play it safe

Clean complexes - decided to play it safe

jerk complex (front+dip+jerk)
135X3 jerks
185X1+2+1 squat was uncomfortable on back
225X0 unracked it and it felt uncomfortable on my back

Snatches were beautiful, but it seems like I am going to have a harder time coming back than I thought I would. Maybe I just slept on my back wrong.

Assistance work:
100 band pull aparts with light band
100 back extension with bodyweight
50 toe to bar

Just gotta keep going up. On the bright side, my knee felt good. I do kind of feel like a punk for playing it safe.


You shouldn’t be, better safe than sorry.
You don’t want to be injured, if a bit holding back can do the trick.
Doing 4 or 5 sets, I don’t think it matters much.
Keep up the good work.


Just go back through what is becoming a laundry list of injuries and tweaks you’ve had recently. You’re being smart.


Yeah, it doesn’t matter what I do Monday or Tuesday, or whatever day it’s what I can put in a week, and it’s what I can do the week after, the month after, and the year after.


Exactly, the hardest thing I can do is being smart. I need to be healthy and work on getting quality work in, a day or two of sandbagging doesn’t mean shit if it puts me out of serious training for a couple weeks if I don’t.



295X6 stopped to drink some juice and water because I was shaking kind of bad/fatigued and was cold by the time I was ready again so I stopped squats here

snatch deadlifts with 3 second pause at knee

sotts press
snatch press
115X10 for 3 sets

DB side bends (easing into these)

single leg good mornings
45X10 per side
45X5 per side for 3 sets



Snatches and cleans were all forward and I was training at home so I couldn’t miss

Jerk (front+dip+jerk)
225x1+2+1 for 5 sets

Split jerk support
315x3 for 3 sets

Lunge+one hand fat grip pull up+side bends
95x8, bwx3, 80x8 for 3 trisets

Back was a bit grumpy today, over did it the day before

Making improvements, could’ve squatted much more but I am still letting my back (and mobility) catch back up before I take another few stumbles back

Sotts press
Snatch presses
125x10 for 3 sets

Back extensions
90x5 for 6 sets

Need to go back and log last week. Overall growing stronger (or gaining it back), packing on muscle, and getting back in shape. Technique and consistency also coming back though not 100%


Jesus man,that’s impressive


Only one handed instead of one arm. I really want to get a strict one arm ring pull up and strict one arm ring dip at some point.


Holding the wrist with your other arm?

One pretty good variation is to loop a band around the pull up bar and hold onto it with one arm while pulling with the other