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Destrength Has Awful Priority Management (road to 405 pound jerk)


Basically the movement is kinda like a semi-circle with the area above your head being the top so it’s kinda like half a moon (circle).


Pause push press
45Xa bunch
205X1 for 15 sets on the minute

pistol squats
bwX3 for 4 sets per side

lu raises
25’sX5 for 2 sets

one arm rear delt raises
45’sX20 for 3 sets



BTN push press
just shit, form was off and shoulders weren’t feeling it

95X10 for 5 sets

hamstring curls leg extensions and hip abductor circuit, 4 rounds back to back (this pains me so much to write :frowning: )

45X20 for 5 sets just rehab work trying to get pain free squats with no compensation

supinated lat pull downs
100kgX10 for 3 sets

fucked around with climbing on monkey bars for shoulder and core stability, there’s these ones that have different elevation so it’s hard to stabilize my body without swinging


Aside from quad strength and hamstring strength in my left leg I think I am back in shape so I’ll actually write out a program instead of just training hard about every day. My shoulders are getting too fatigued from all of these push presses.

I am thinking something along the lines of:

Soviet muscle snatches work up to a max triple then a couple back off sets
BTN push press 5 sets of 3 working up.
Dips 3 sets of 10
Get a really sick hamstring pump on leg curls
SSB box squat up to a heavy weight then pyramid down increasing reps every set
GHR’s as much as I can do pain free supersetted with abs

Snatch grip SLDL’s 5X5 straight weight increasing each week
Z presses 5 sets of 10
pull ups set a volume goal and hit it in as few sets as possible (start with 50 reps and go from there)
upright rows by feel supersetted with face pulls or band pull aparts supersetted with abs

pause push press OTM work
hamstring pump work
SSB box squats high rep session
calves (extension and flexion) supersetted with abs
shoulder pump session

Muscle snatches 5 sets of 2 plus an overhead squat (ONLY IF my knee is okay with this)
sotts press 5 sets of 10
Clean SLDLs 5 sets of 3
T-bar rows working up to a max set of 8
seated rows (wanted to do pendlay rows but I feel like they will put too much stress on my knee) volume
Friday: GPP session. Push stuff, drag stuff, do curls, upper back, and triceps, calves, and whatever else I feel like doing.
Push press up to a max, rotating from triples to doubles to singles with OTM work at 85% after
hamstring curls
SSB to box with chains set up 5X5 increasing weight as comfortable
dips 3X10
tri-set with tricep extensions, curls, and band pull aparts
Sunday: Off.

Gives me three heavy days press days with two actually being hard (Monday and Saturday), two volume days (Tuesday and Thursday) working strict pressing variations that make it incredibly hard to load because of positioning essentially just being active recovery, and a day off before my heaviest session of the week. Gets me squatting three times a week with lots of hamstring work (thinking I have a hamstring and calf issue going on, hamstring is super weak on left side) to get my legs back. Two SLDL sessions to prepare my back for the cleans and snatches I want to hit when I am healthy. About equal amounts of pulling as pushing. Plenty of stuff like shoulders and arms to work on small muscles and put on mass there to keep them healthy, and some conditioning mixed in once a week with Sunday being planned for beach days which will be some good active recovery and conditioning.

I think on my GPP day I’ll do 5 sets of 20 on free squats slowly working up in weight as I can do it pain free without compensation to rebuild tendon health/strength.

@strongmanvinny2 does this seem like a non-retarded program for push press strength for a crippled weightlifter?


That’s some hella frequency on the press, I think it can do you really good. I’d monitor how you feel though. Otherwise, just go for it.

Hopefully you will turn into an upside triangle!


All about that klokov life. If you push press enough your jerk goes up.


sotts press
65X10 for 5 sets

upright rows
95X10 for 5 sets

camber bar box squat

leg curls
80x8 for 3 sets
70X8+25 partials


standing ab wheels

face pulls
4 sets at 65~

I think this was the session I had, not exactly sure.

Yoke walks
185X1 trip
365X1 trip
415X1 trip
465X1 trip
505X1 trip
545X1 trip
365X2 trips

one over arm ropes and sled push
55 in platesX1 trip of each
110 in platesX1 trip of each
165 in platesX1 trip of each
220 in platesX1 trip of each
275 in platesX1 trip of each
320 in platesX1 trip of each
365 in platesX1 trip for each
think sled weighs 105, last set below

calve plantar flexion and dorsi flexion 4 sets

95X20 for 5 sets no lockout (just for fun, it’s basically an empty bar for me aside from my leg being fucked)

edit: Fuck I can’t add. It was 460 pounds total not 470 total.


BTN push press
225X3 for 5 sets

overhead tricep extensions
95X6 for 3 sets

Snatch SLDLs

100 pull ups with a bunch of different grips, took 35 minutes


I feel like I’ve been ran over, not quite sure what caused it. Maybe all of those pull ups? Woke up early today and couldn’t go back to sleep.


No prowler work for the new program??



I do it on Friday. Last friday was yoke walks which had me gasping immediately after, and that rope pull on a prowler and prowler push supersetted that I just kept slapping on another 55 or 45 plate every round and immediately starting back up. I also walk my german shepherd a mile or two as quickly as he can handle it every day. So I have a fair bit of cardio that I do (plus all of the high rep and high volume work), too much and it interferes with getting strong instead of helps.



105X10 for 5 sets fairly hard, prob like RPE8 on every set going to add 5 pounds every week from here on to try to ride out positional strength/skill gains while my muscles grow

upright rows
105X10 for 5 set still pretty easy

single leg squats
bwX6 for 4 sets each side

band pull aparts
light+mini 2 sets of 33 1 set of 34

Did band adductor and abductor work as rehab stuff, used a light band and did some sets of 20.

Overall just a pretty light and short session, been feeling like I’ve been getting sick and just uninspired to train. I feel better today though (the 14th).

Knee still healing. Strength, stability, and mobility still returning and pain/swelling from training is going down. Planning on getting lots of blood in my knee tonight. Probably do Paul Carter’s 100 rep stuff (100 rep of leg curls and 50reps of split squats) after I have done my main work for the night.



Muscle snatches
165x3 rpe 10, pretty sure it’s a PR

Pause push press
210x1 15 sets otm

Clean SLDL
355x1 tweeked left side of hip/lower back slightly.

Split squats
Bwx50 per side

Miniband hamstring curls
60 per side,
20 per side for 2 sets

Annoyed about the tweek. Doesn’t seem like anything major though, will probably be fine in the morning. Will probably do stuff on my GPP day that doesn’t compress the back and hips much to make sure I bounce back 100% by Monday.


well just did a pr on muscle snatch, congrats man.
So the body was probably a bit fatigued, hope it’ll heal up nicely.


Yeah, mixture of fatigue, compensation on my left side I am probably having, and it just being really heavy got to me.


Think I am just going to do a crossfitty type of thing, 5 pull ups, 10 push ups, 15 body weight squats on the minute for 30 minutes to get conditioning in that doesn’t load my back then do some hip work to get a pump in then lower back work to get a pump in.


Did a session earlier this week.

Overhead rack lockouts sitting on a box
up to

back extensions
bwX25 for 4 sets

dragon flags

Back was pretty fucked, went to a chiropractor a couple times. Going to do a light session tonight full of GPP stuff, and probably another GPP session Saturday. And hopefully get the clear to start training for real Monday. If I get cleared Monday I think I’ll reintroduce the olympic lifts and all of those goodies.

Probably 2 week very unspecific hypertrophy
5 week specific hypertrophy (mostly just the lifts with some balance work in)
4 week strength
3 week in season
1 week taper

Throw in a week of deload between strength and ‘in season’ because I’ll probably need it by then.



Feeling good to be back-ish.

Single arm DB press
60X9L stopped from discomfort in back (trying not to reinjure my back)

pull ups
bwX25 had to regrip a few times, not sure if my body decided to lose its grip in my short lay off or if it was just that I was sweating my guts out and didn’t use chalk/my pull up bar was slippery as hell

side step ups
30X10 per side for 3 sets

single leg RDLs
30X20 for 2 sets per side, back was feeling weird so I stopped it there

light band pull aparts 100 reps without dropping the band, took 2 minutes

Stretched and did mobility work with the bar to get ready for the work to come. Strength and stability is probably 90% in my left knee and probably 70% in my back. Goal is to get both up to 95+% before specific hypertrophy block.



Snatch Deadlift 3 second pause at knee

Glute bridge
275x8 for 3 sets

Dips and dip pull ups
7 rounds of 10+5 in 12 minutes (stopped there because I had nothing left in me)

Hamstring band curls
Lightx20 per side
Lightx12 per side
Lightx8 per side

Strict dragon flag with hips off bench
Bwx5 for 3 sets

Feeling good, no pain.



Had a weird cough from my chest that was kinda hard like I had something down below the throat I was trying to cough up.

Strict press
185X8 2 rep PR probably could’ve gotten two more reps but it wouldn’t have been the form I want for jerks
165X5 fucking spent
165X6 not as spent

one arm barbell rows
115X10 per side
115X6 per side
115X3 per side

side step ups
30X20 per side for 3 sets

one arm one leg RDL
60X6 for 3 sets each side

overhead tricep extension
95X10 for 3 sets

back extensions

Stretched again.

Feeling good being back. Knee strength and stability still coming back, back feeling good.