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Destrength Has Awful Priority Management (road to 405 pound jerk)


Brb rolling outer lower leg.

That’s so weird, hope that remains a permanent solution. Pretty fucking awesome.


It seems like a gradual process. Like I can’t full clean/snatch or squat heavy, but I can function like a normal human and I can do more than I could. I had a two hour exam earlier today so it tightened back up, but that was easier to get out off.


Push press
215x3 for 9 sets

Rushed through the session like an idiot.


SLDLs were out of groove (pain free mobility still not 100%), and light, but pain free.

Going to get a hundred or two band pull aparts done tonight after a very long and hot shower. Push press technique is improving. Adding 5 pounds next week instead of 10, missing two reps (well one miss from being horribly out of groove and another not attempted) doesn’t bode well with bigger jumps.


Does it get noticeably worse with exertion and then rapidly improve when you stop?


It gets worse with sitting mostly. Stopping doesn’t seem to have any real effect that I can tell.


Woke up today to my knee being normal. Hips normal, back normal, knees normal.

Hopefully this marks the end of my lower body pain so I can get back to work on making gains.

Unfortunately my gym is hosting some crossfit comp (honestly didn’t know they had them aside from open/regionals/games). Tomorrow push presses, light clean complex or block snatches, and some tempo squats to ease my knee back in.

Going to focus on pushing weights on complexes/blocks that I can do with smooth natural technique while regaining my squat and gaining new land on my push presses.


Do you do dorsiflexion often? Weakness in front of the lower leg can lead to overcompensation in the back, I used to get lots of soleus and Achilles pain during long ruck marches in the military until I started doing lots of dorsiflexion as rehab and the pain went away within a month.


I have never. How do you do them? Do you just attach a band to the front of your foot or something?


A band is a good way to do it.

Also you can sit with legs hanging off the edge of a bench and put a DB between your toes, like this:

Just like the rear delts being instrumental in supporting the shoulders during a bench, the muscles in your shin and the front of your ankle undergo heavy strain on most lower body exercises, especially Oly ones where knees can track over the toes more often. If there’s inadequate support from the front it can cause everything in the rear to work twice as hard. Give it a shot if you feel like it.