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Destrength Has Awful Priority Management (road to 405 pound jerk)


Yeah, pretty freaky guy. Unfortunately he is pretty obscure because of his build (small guy with rather unique proportions).


Above knee hang snatches
185x1 for 5 sets

Drop snatches

Clean deadlifts
305x6 for 6 sets

Single leg hip thrusts and abs
155x2 per side for 3 sets


I’ll have to check it out. Elliot Hulse normally has some good things to say, but also is kinda eccentric. I love his breathing through balls cue ( one of the best breathing cues out there in my opinion, along side some cues by big fat vinny d where you try to breath/brace in every direction).


I am testing some ideas right now for a later cycle. Will make a post in a month on what happens/what I will do.



Power cleans + no feet jerk
110kgX1+1 for 5 sets (video below)

push press
fail at 120 then
100kgX2 for 2 sets

Reps became easier the more I did it, I really lost my groove on these but was coming back over time. Will try to get 100kgX5 for 3 sets

one arm push ups
bwX2 per side
bwX2 per side
bwX2 per side

barbell curls
135lbsX3 for 3 sets

Accidentally posted raw footage. I think I’ll start using youtube for technique stuff, and IG for heavy stuff. Youtube is a lot better for actually slowly the footage down and going frame by frame while IG is just convenient.

Clean comments: spend more time over the bar (one rep was perfect for it and it was the rep that the bar height was the highest when I was basically putting no effort on the bar), loose arms, connect with the bar better

Jerk comments: Even foot pressure, straight up and down, push under the moment you finish driving. Relax arms and elbows more forward. The lifts moved very well for being 90+% (best power clean is 120, and best no feet is like 115).


Snatch OTM
Warm ups:

60kgx2 then the OTM work

70kgx1 for 5 singles
75kgx1 for 5 single
80kgx1 for 5 singles

Snatches untimed
88kgx0 too fatigued

Clean pulls
140kgx2 for 6 sets

Glute bridges

Face pulls
Mini bandx25 for 4 sets

Plate pinches
2 10kg platesx15s L, 30s R
20s L, 40s R
5s L, 10s R

This is your grip (40s), this is your grip on mixed grip (20s).

Notes: going to have to repeat this a few times (the snatches), technique was too inconsistent for my liking. Next time I will get 92 for the heavy singles.


Shit training session

Block cleans
Miss at 110

Pause squat+squat
1+1 at 405

Clean pulling strength was there but I can’t really hook well right now (blood sore on right thumb), and my shoulder hurts. Squats were just off balance and I stopped there and decided to do some balance work.


Farmer walks
280 in plates+ handlesx1 trip
280 in plates+ handlesx1 trip
280 in plates+ handlesx1 trip

Stretched and rolled. Bad days happen. Need to ease back into squatting more. Will do 10 singles at 425 Tuesday, front squat 405 (if easy then double it, but don’t push my luck since I haven’t hit my squat hard in awhile) Thursday, and Saturday I’ll do 10 paused singles at 425. That should ease me back into squatting then I can start pushing for rep PRs the week after, then single and double PRs the week after that.

Tomorrow I’ll go no hand no feet snatch 195 then clean deadlift 325x5 for 5 sets, then glutes, and upper back/delt pump work.


130kgx1+1 on pause+normal overhead squats


No hook no feet snatches
90kgx0 for like 4 sets
90kgx1 old PR was a sketchy 185lbs (feet slid slightly) so a 13lbs/6kg PR.

Overhead pause squat+overhead squat
130kgx0 didn’t attempt, when jerking it my right shoulder collapsed
130kgx1+1 video above

Clean deadlifts
150kgx5 for 5 sets

Front raise +later raise +rear raise
40lbs db’sx5, 10, 15 for 3 sets

Lateral band walks
3 sets

Front lever one leg
1 per side for about half a minute each.

Pretty good session, snatches got better as they went along ( as you can see from me missing sets then making them and going up).


Also I’d like to comment on those squats: they felt a lot worse than they looked. In the video I look like a tree in a storm. During the lift I felt like leaf in a fucking hurricane. In the first rep I was almost about to bail when I shook at the bottom (pressure on my feet were fucked which is why I walked forward after standing up to get reset) before pausing the rep.


Amazing man.
Yeah it’s heavy and shaky, but damn man that looks so impressive.
I can barely overhead squat the f’’’’’’’ bar… But then again probably a mobility issue and lack of training it regularly :slight_smile:
Congrats on the PR


Partly mobility, and partly that it’s a super specific strength that isn’t really developed well from normal lifting (lots of joint integrity like your wrists and elbows, lockout strength, shoulder and thoracic spine stability, etc).

Thanks, man, more to come.


Same OTM clean and jerk as last time, made it to 14 attempts. My front rack is definitely tight and causing shoulder issue.

Clean pulls
140kgx2 for 6 sets

Sotts presses
40kgx5 for 5 sets

Single leg rdls
90lbsx6 per leg
90x4 per leg
90x1 per leg

Weighted chin ups

Fucking dominated on the clean pulls, I feel like I can clean it guaranteed when my cleans are cooperating (consistency and mobility being there) with this strength. Slight improve over last week OTM work. Chin ups way down, might be because of fatigue or it might be atrophy, or technique difference (a lot more lat). Regardless doing chins twice a week now once weighted and once bw until I can do 70 for 3 sets of 10 and bw for 50 reps in 3 sets.



Hang Snatches
185x1 for 7 sets

Squats on WL bar (dumb choice with my back, the whip and flex was not kind)
425x1 for 2 sets beltless

Hip band walks thickest band in gym

Front lever practice

Change of plan for squats. Just going to accumulate volume at 70% because my body just isn’t conditioned to squat heavy right now and I am too beat up from super hard pulling 3 times a week. Going to front squat 315 for 30 total reps next squat session.

Edit: hang snatches. It’d be a significant deload if I did that for snatches.


Hang cleans above knee
295x0 pulled it far more than high enough, tight hips and back from pulling made me slow under

Clean deadlifts
345x4 for 4 sets, easy

Snatch press+ sotts
Up to 135x1+1

Kettle bell swings
106x5 for 4 sets

Face pulls


Finishing pulling program early, going into hypertrophy and strength block. I will test my max clean deadlift tonight if I am good after today (exams and tests literally all day, plus I was out of position on my front squats yesterday).

Also I think I’ve figured out my mystery hip injury that I’ve had for a year now (and used to pop up during powerlifting) that coincided with me losing all of my squatting power when it got reinjured. My hip is impinged and severely anteriorly tilted because of ridiculous quads while my hammies have kinda atrophied since my powerlifting days and my glutes were always trash (I used to have this exact type of pain in this same exact area while I was powerlifting too, and glute work/abduction/external rotation work helped then too). Single leg work, glutes, and hammies for fucking days until forever basically, this time I will make damn sure this injury won’t be coming back.


It’s finally over, the holes in my hands can regrow now. 442lbs clean deadlift versus my 385lbs previous best


Anyway new program starts tomorrow. Pulling work will be centered more around technique, speed, and power. So tempo pulls, clean pulls, clean high pulls and the snatch variations of all varieties focusing on proper mechanics and snappiness. I ended up exiting the program with a lot more deadlifting strength than I expected (though technique was ass in all honesty) so I don’t need as much basic strength work for awhile.

Basically going to run this 5 week program by Travis Mash that the moderator team apparently felt I shouldn’t post.

except modifying squats and pulls in the program to fit my needs/injury plus lots of rehab work (i’ll be squatting twice a week so all of those squat days where I would’ve been squatting I’ll replace with some sort of single leg work stuf



Felt like absolute shit all day. Might be electrolytes because it’s exactly like I am dehydrated but I don’t want more water/I am not pissing yellow.

Power snatches from blocks
68kgx3 for 2 sets

Snatch pulls with pause at knees
80kgx5 for 2 sets

Hip thrusts with band around knees (used light band, will try an average or strong band next time)

Did walking lunges for 13 laps from platforms to end of racks, was supposed to do 200m but turf was taken up. Took 10 minutes.

Also Travis Mash is a sick fuck for putting 200m of walking lunges in a weightlifting program. Around approx 50m I was thinking “this kills the weightlifter” when the lactic acid hit. Good conditioning for legs and hips though.


Did you have the feeling of overhydration in your mouth/throat? It’s a really fucked up feeling that’s usually fixed by having something with a lot of carbs and salt to bind the water