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Destrength Has Awful Priority Management (road to 405 pound jerk)

Updated as of 10/21/17:

Finishing up a taper from a catalyst program. Currently at a 225 snatch and 295 clean and jerk, looks like I’ll end up with around a 245 snatch and 325 clean and jerk. Afterwards I’ll start prioritizing my overhead and squat strength for a year to hit some goals like a 405 jerk, 495 front squat, and 315 snatch balance.

Best assistance lifts as of 10/21/17:
275X1 power jerk
315X2 BTN power jerk
245X3 push press
405X1 front squat
365X2 clean deadlift
495X1 (belted) back squat
275X3 hang clean
195X3 hang snatch

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In. 370 is a strong bench at 200 whats your secret? Please say its “eat more cheeseburgers”


Hypertrophy, especially of the back and arms. And cheeseburgers=hypertrophy so, eat more cheeseburgers.


I don’t beat that

not that either

and certainly not that

but I certainly beat that number

Seriously though,these are some solid lifts.In for progress


At least I beat you in the number of plateaus I have had! And mysterious loss of strength that takes half a year to gain back… I have an abusive relationship with my deadlift.


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Hey mate, had a look through your old log, not sure how I missed it before. Looks like some solid work. I’ll be following along this time. Keep crushing it dude :hamburger:

(I just discovered that TNation has done a Facebook with this forum upgrade and given us a shitload of emojis that no one will ever use. I chucked in a burger since they’ve already come up in discussion)


Talking about sandwiches in general, they seem to be the solution for deadlift gains. I had two the night before (a burger and a chicken sandwich at Red Robin), and two in the morning these like bacon and egg biscuit things I got at this sketchy gas station on the way to the meet. Easily pulled a beltless PR after missing it about 3-4 weeks ago in training.

And thanks!


In for this for sure

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I followed the end of your last log so I’ll definitely follow this one.
You mentioned starting PL at 15 and doing your first meet this year so I presume you’re pretty young, mind if I ask how old you are?

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I had turned 19 this November, so not super young, but not in the junior category quite yet. I had tried several times to sign up for meets, but things happened.

Wow they’re great numbers for 19, you’re only 6 months older than me and lifting a lot more than twice the amount. Looking forward to your log.

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Thanks, mate, I’ll check out your log too.

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Holy hot damn, you’re gonna jump into Olympic lifting? All the best mate, you gon be in one hell of a ride!


and also in…

What is the title reference? I feel I should know that.

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First day in oly lifting, aside from my previous background doing the lifts

clean and jerk
225X1 did this by accident, I thought the bumpers I was using were 25’s
205X1 clean and 2 jerks for 5 sets

clean pulls
255X2 for 3 sets

push press
180X2 for 6 sets

pause oly squats
315X5 for 5 sets

pinwheel curls
35’sX20 per side
35’sX7 per side
35’sX5 per side

I just got home from the gym. Tough, but fun workout. Working on my jerk because my jerk needs a lot of work. Need to work on dip being slow and violent drive. That and foot work. Will be doing foot work drills daily with my stretching until it’s automatic.

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Yeah, I picked pretty much the hardest lifting sport to transition to. It’s really fun though.

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It’s a joke title from how much of a difference powerlifting and weightlifting are. I also feel like I’ve heard theline a lot though, but I am not sure where.



Hang cleans above knees
175x3 for 5 sets

Complex one pull, one high, two hang pull one power clean, just drilling positioning
175 for 4 sets

Elbows shredded, need to warm them up before lifting. Going to do abs and back later.

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155X2 for 5 sets

push press
tried to work up to something, elbows felt shredded

front squat
265X3 for 5 sets

pull ups
bwX5 for 2 sets 30 second rest
bwX7 for 4 sets 30 second rest


back extensions
115X10 for 3 sets

Will be heading up to a crossfit gym tomorrow to lift, hopefully that USAW certified coach is there.

The snatches clicked perfectly on one rep but others it was slow progressive. My metal plates and stiff barbell makes this movement feel slow and ugly, ordering some better equipment when I move some money to my checking.(not really sure why I have or need a savings account, pretty sure the rates are the same, but meh). Going to get a rogue oly bar and 365 pounds worth of bumpers. That’ll put me back about 600 dollars, but getting treatment from an injury caused by improper equipment will cost a hell of a lot more than 600 dollars.

Also, apparently I didn’t realize how rough oly lifting was on my elbows. I am scaling back the pressing to twice a week, and doing one push press day and one behind the neck day. I need to let my body adapt to this type of training before I train too aggressively.


Checking account is for money that isn’t earmarked for anything and can be spent. Savings account is for holding money needed for specific payments until they have to be made. If you’re actually saving, have a third dedicated saving account.

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