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Destiny is All!

Dare I post in my own log again??

I didn’t want to keep attacking another user in his own thread, and I grew incredibly bored with the whole conversation anyway, but I had to whine (somewhere) about two things:

  1. “Would you talk to a girl this way??” Harden up, “dude”. My 8-year-old daughter not only can handle coaching, she seeks it out. Let’s not try to place our insecurities on a gender. You’re a puss; own it if you’re so into it.
  2. “I’ll show you all!” Nobody really gives a shit. Succeed or don’t. Complaining about having to do the work sure isn’t getting you anywhere. Is this really what people have come to expect of themselves? I can’t imagine what I would have given for the information available to folks today from the greatest minds in any endeavor: athletics, investments, operations, etc. People hear they have to put some work in and shoot the (world class) messenger.

Anyway, for my own training, I’m sticking with a bro-ish split. I’m finding:

  • I like jumps and box squats
  • I like power cleans
  • Not doing flat bench for a long time has made me bad at flat bench. Who knew?

Long walk in the cold and back workout today. We move in a week. I really feel bad for the kids; change is very tough on them. I hope this ends up being the right decision, but I know how fleeting this will seen when we look in the rear view.

In other news, Cam’s return to the Panthers was incredibly exciting… almost poetic.
Keep pounding!


I missed this argument. What thread, i want a look?

Hope training is going well.

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It started in a thread called “wasted 7 years of training” or something like that, and then went into the author’s new log. I don’t want to keep going to his log to argue with him because it’s his space, he at least started one, and he does appear to be doing his workouts. There was just some entitled whining that rankled me.


I think I’ll write down a session!

Today was legs

  1. Seated Leg Curl
    Just worked up the stack a plate at a time doing 6ish reps until I felt warm
    125/10 + 95/8 + 80/8 + partials

  2. Squat

  3. Leg Press
    4pps/15 x 2

  4. RDL
    185/10 x 2

  5. Leg Extension
    4 sets of 15 w/ 30s breaks


Did chest and shoulders Wednesday, but I didn’t sleep at all the night before and it was after work = uninspired.

Yesterday I walked with a backpack for an hour.

Today I did back

  1. Elliptical x 10 minutes pretty quick

  2. Meadows Row
    75/8 x 3

  3. Pull-ups
    4 sets of 6 wide

  4. Rack DL

  5. Machine Row
    Sets of 10 working up the rack

  6. Hypertension
    2 sets with a band

  7. Push sled
    Hugh handles down, low handles back for 10 minutes


Gunz and cardio!

My RHR is back down below 60, which I consider a very good indicator. I think changing BP drugs has really, really helped. That first one was wrecking me.


Some good and some bad. :joy:

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I’ve nearly read the whole thread now and absolutely loving it.

What a joke of a person the OP in that thread is. 7 years and gets no results = my training must be fine :rofl: just what a joke. If his training was any good he’d have loads of muscle with that bulk heavy diet and all that protein etc.

I’m off to enjoy the rest of the thread while on a works conference call now.

Keep up the good work dude.

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Yesterday was legs and today was speed bench, assistance and cardio.

The movers are at our house and we leave tonight. We only lived in it a year (almost to the day)! Hindsight and all that.


Hope it all goes well mate. After talking about houses my Mrs doesn’t want to move out of this house because we raised our kids here. While I mock her I kinda feel the same, I love the memories of a family home.

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Yeah I hear you. My kids won’t really have that; we’ve moved quite a few times. I think this will be my son’s 7th home. Pros and cons to it

We’re in Georgia and had a lovely thanksgiving with my parents. This move has, so far, been as easy as the situation could be (if you don’t count the first buyer on my old house falling through, but such is life). The fact that we went from 20° weather and landed in 60° helped the kids’ optimism quite a bit.

In other news, while I’m trying out gyms here, it’s like I’ve forgotten how to train. I do hours of traditional bodybuilding lifting and cardio a week, and I’m heavier and move worse than I ever have. I read @T3hPwnisher and @SvenG ’s logs and it’s like I don’t even know how to implement that stuff anymore. Like someone has to write down exactly what to do for me. I was never like this; I’m always the “just work” guy. Very strange, I really “need” to feel athletic again, but when I get to the gym I just fall into the same old ramp up leg curls and squats and then do some elliptical.


No joke man: pick 6 different workouts, number them 1 to 6, roll the die after you lift and do that workout. Get more die if you want more workouts. Eventually you will find a groove again


That is so beautifully simple it’s poetic. I love it and I think it’s exactly what the doctor ordered. Thank you; I really appreciate it. I’ll do exactly that.

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No problem man. As usual: Dungeons and Dragons is the answer.


Sorry, late to the party here.

This is me. And that’s part of why I appreciate Pwn’s content—his log, his blog, his book—so much. I totally just scale his bad ideas to work for me!

So… What he says. :slight_smile:

And especially this!


Not being funny but isn’t this exactly what having a program is for. I find for me I need to keep my sessions simple and limiting exercises helps with that. If I do not have a plan when I get to the gym there are just too many choices for me to make something up on the fly.

@T3hPwnisher with regards to your comment about the dice and six workouts. Would you use this for the lifting component and conditioning? I like this idea for accessories or conditioning but not sure about main lifts? As I wrote that I am already thinking I am overthinking. I guess it depends on current goals and what @TrainForPain is trying to achieve.

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For what I wrote for @TrainForPain I said to do it after the lifting as it looked as though he wanted ideas for conditioning, but if you read my blog post of “Surrender Your Fate to the 20 sided die” I offer a prescription for a full on training approach that way.

It operates off the premise that ANY decision is better than indecision

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We are creatures of habit, aren’t we?

I do the same thing but with cleans & whatnot.

The main determinant in my lifting habit/routine is what ever bar is sitting there with weight on it. I grab it and it goes from there.

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