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Destiny is All!

Question for the group: how often do you completely switch things up? I typically get bored like once a year and have a foray into something totally different, for maybe 6 weeks, then fall back into what I’m cursed to. I don’t know if I’m being smart and grinding through, or being lazy and refusing to get out of my comfort zone.

I have this discussion with myself often and have yet to find the answer.

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Never completely. Seasonally I change my methods of locomotion, ie- hiking, biking.

But I have a central tendency toward doing some things, not necessarily because they work. But they feel useful, or at least compulsory.

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Got a wild hair and went full Alsruhe this morning with my wife. It was horrific, as his stuff always is, but I think I “got it” better this time.

I’ve been proudly and heroically skipping the mobility drills smart folks like @FlatsFarmer suggest when I whine, and I could tell today. My hip flexor got so gummed up holding a plank was hard! ‘Tis a good reminder.


A few high knee raises will fix that right up!


Like hanging from a bar?

The new way is Standing, raising one leg, balancing on the other so the other foot can drive into the floor and keep your hips square. Ewe tube says aim for 3 x 20.

If you’re jacked up at first you can sit on a bench to limit ROM to the top.

When you’re strong ( like @flappinit ) you can face away from a low pulley and use a cable/ankle cuff for resistance.


I’ll give it a go. Thanks again!

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I usually do a programme was a good block and then think something better is out there and try something different. I never really stray too far from my basics of training 4 times per week and avoiding exercises that cause my injured body pain.

I’m definitely finding these days that i put more focus into a programme i enjoy so i’m starting to care less about what is optimal vs what i enjoy.

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Totally agree with that!

I like following programs, because it keeps me rolling, but as long as I keep showing up - I’m happy.

Case in point, I didn’t feel like doing the program yesterday so I did the giant sets. I don’t know what possessed me to “feel” like doing that

Full confession: I did another Alsruhe workout today. They’re so disgustingly hard that they’re pretty enjoyable.

I think I go deeper into a set with some of the Meadows’ stuff (like his BSS drop set of death is horrific), but when you’re done you’re done. With Alsruhe’s stuff, you fail and still have like 45 seconds to go and half the workout is like that.


Why don’t you just run an alsruhe program. Maybe switching things up might actually jumpstart progress

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I believe you’re onto something my young friend

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Alright folks, I’m going to go ahead and wrap up my Meadows for awhile stuff this week.

I’m going to go ahead and do an Alsruhe program (you nailed it @anna_5588).

Anyone that’s ever tried them have a preference between 4 horsemen, mass builder or conjugate? Those are the ones speaking to me.

Edit: meant 4 horsemen instead of dark horse


Mass builder is absolutely brutal by far the most challenging program I’ve done.

4Horseman is challenging as well but more for top end strength and less of a focus on hitting insane volume. I would go with a massbuilder run through if I had to choose another program at the moment.

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Much appreciated!

Good luck with them dude. I’ve got 3 more weeks of the reactive pump training and then decided to do an upper/lower split for a while as i wanted to work legs and back twice a week on the same exercise to help get some of my strength numbers up.

Thinking about running an Eric Helmes one which i did a few years ago and worked well for me.

Thanks for inspiring me anyhow, really enjoyed reactive pump. I’m bigger and stronger and definitely more knowledge now i’ve run the programme.

To sum the programme up, i’d say my rear delts have never had so much volume but have never felt so good. My previous neck pain is gone which i’m really happy with and my posture is much better.

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Thanks man and I’m really glad to hear that.

John’s programs are my favorite, and I will definitely be returning. I just need to do a better job of different challenges in between; otherwise I’m getting too stale/ bored.

That’s awesome that it’s been a positive for you. I think you dove right in, which is cool and hard for us all to do, and you earned yourself some tissue and tools!

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I always knew you were a bit sick !!

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I wussed out at the ~6 week mark last time I tried one, so let’s see. I hate doing burpees and jumps all over the gym (I tend to be in commercial gyms and in people’a space).

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