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Destiny is All!

Everyone struggles for motivation at certain points and if you have been doing meadows routines for a while then maybe you need to switch it up to get some excitement and enjoyment back. After all there are so many different workouts that all ‘work’ so might as well find something you enjoy.

Never feel bad about having a moan either, part of mental health is being able to talk about this stuff even if things are all fine but you don’t feel it.

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I’ve had the privilege of working with doctors for over 10 years. I have great respect for them all. Specialists, to your point, have a much different life than a primary care. The PCP’s day consists mostly of arguing with unhealthy people to make lifestyle/ medication changes they won’t make, being pressured to throughput 3 dozen visits a day, and then still having to answer frivolous litigations and inquiries when things go as you’d expect. I don’t blame them for being a little weary after 40 years of that, but it does require us to do a bit of our homework if we care more than the 99%.

@rugby_lifting i think you’re right. I don’t know what’s next for me, but it’s going to have to be a big swing to entertain me again. We’ll be wrapping this run up about the time I move, so it’s good timing.


Ok, back again.

My wife worked out with me yesterday, which I always enjoy. So I got a decent back workout in yesterday.

I’ve had two follow-up/ second opinion conversations that have made me feel a lot better. One with a doc I know through work and one just as an internal medicine follow-up that was scheduled. They are on the same page as me that a lot of this could be driven by the diuretic, they don’t really see a need for that, so maybe after I see the cardio in a couple weeks that can come out and things will be cool.

She also did bloods again and my blood counts were back in normal range, so it’s really only the renal numbers that are still worrying me (hence I don’t want to be on the diuretic). I’ve cleaned up my diet and cardio significantly, so I really think we will agree to drop that; only the one PCP has any idea why he prescribed it in the first place - everybody else is a little surprised.

She also did my testosterone and estradiol when she did these bloods. We weren’t really looking, but both were below the bottom of normal. That
Could explain some of my terrible motivation and whiny attitude (maybe even my inability to sleep and crackling joints!). Something maybe to keep an eye on as we fix the other stuff. I have all the health history of a steroid user with none of the strength; a little unfair.

Anyway, a lot of that helped set my mind at ease and I had a decent time with the chest/ shoulders pump day this morning.


That sounds better. It just seems like an unusual and risky step unless something really warranted it. And miserable. Those things are hours of no fun at all.


Yeah totally agree. I think he just has his go-to and that’s what happened here. Hopefully we discontinue in a couple weeks

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Traveling a little next week so decided to get a head start and knocked out legs today. Didn’t end up doing the leg extensions or RDLs because my legs are still a little sore. Oh well


This sucks big time. Glad you are getting it looked at.

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I guess it could also be the thousands of beers I drank in the army